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Airing out equipment is the most important part of maintenance for any sport. Dispelling smells, bacteria, and mildew is made simple with our sports dryers! Williams Direct Dryers offers top-of-the-line commercial, residential, and portable models that keep your gear hygienic and in great shape. We’ve compiled a list of the benefits of investing in a sports dryer that will make your life, as an athlete, easier. Keep Your Gear in Great Shape An athlete would be nothing without their gear so show it the love it deserves. Hanging equipment up after a day’s work will quickly air out and clean...

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Years ago, Williams Direct Dryers developed a portable dryer in a fully enclosed case. The problem with the original design was that it was heavy (about 50 pounds), and difficult to pack without a fair bit of dryer specific experience. Having said this, the concept, for its time was very good. So good that other...

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