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How Our Sports Dryers Will Keep Your Athletic Gear Sanitary

Airing out equipment is the most important part of maintenance for any sport. Dispelling smells, bacteria, and mildew is made simple with our sports dryers! Williams Direct Dryers offers top-of-the-line commercial, residential, and portable models that keep your gear hygienic and in great shape. We’ve compiled a list of the benefits of investing in a sports dryer that will make your life, as an athlete, easier.

Keep Your Gear in Great Shape

An athlete would be nothing without their gear so show it the love it deserves. Hanging equipment up after a day’s work will quickly air out and clean the gear so it will be ready to use the next day. Our dryers emit a perfect temperature that airs out equipment without beginning the breakdown process of the material. High heat damages gear like boots, shoes, gloves, and much more. With William Direct Dryers you will increase the longevity of your gear and get the best clean possible.


Our sports dryers can be used for a wide range of sports equipment and come in a variety of models. Whether you want a residential dryer for personal use or commercial hockey gear dryers for a professional team, we have options to meet your needs. Check out our in-locker dryers as well.

Save Money and Help the Environment

Purchasing a William Direct Dryers sports dryer will not only maintain the quality and hygiene of your athletic gear but will also bring your electric bill down and reduce the amount of energy you use on a daily basis. Our dryers will allow you to save money on running your equipment through the washing machine and provide a better clean than using electricity and water.

Get a Better Clean

Studies show that 99.95% percent of bacteria microbes are reduced with the use of Williams Direct Dryers. The technology we use allows your equipment to be aired out with the right temperature and eliminates unwanted odors. Bacteria are eliminated with our quick-drying process and the moist environment that breeds fungus, like athlete's foot, disappears.

Experience the unmatched benefits of a William Direct Dryers sports dryer and contact us to learn more about our products!