Glove Dryers

Quick, Efficient Drying Power

Glove dryers from Williams Direct Dryers provide residential, commercial, and industrial properties worldwide with effective, reliable drying. Our durable glove dryer racks help ensure that your essential gear is clean, warmed, and ready when you need it. In doing so, you can have more comfortable, dry gloves that are less likely to contain potentially harmful bacteria, making your workday or winter activities safer.


Undressed glove dryer

Why Choose Williams Direct Dryers?

At Williams Direct Dryers, we offer some of the best glove dryers available on the market. Our glove dryers come in numerous sizes and configurations to help address the needs of homes, businesses, and industrial facilities. Some of our dependable dryers can even dry different types of gear simultaneously, such as our boot and glove dryers. 

The quality of our glove dryers – as well as the rest of our dryers – is a source of pride for us at Williams Direct Dryers. No matter which model you choose, you will find that they are all handcrafted in North America using quality materials, such as welded steel that is powder coated for added toughness and longevity. The durability of our dryers allows them to last for extensive periods of time, which helps keep your gloves, boots, personal protective equipment (PPE), and other gear dry for years to come. 

Our glove dryers are also undoubtedly safe. They have each been safety certified in the market they are sold in. Yet, if you do encounter any issues with any of our dryers, they all come with a five-year superstructure warranty as well as a two-year warranty on the electrical components. For more information on warranties and the quality of our glove dryers, contact us today!

Glove Dryers for Various Applications 

At Williams Direct Dryers, we offer several models of glove dryers to help fulfill the needs of various clients, including:


Winter homes and snowy vacation homes can benefit from the world-class comfort of owning one of our glove dryers. Instead of washing and waiting for gloves to air dry, you and your family can have clean, safely dried gloves ready in just a few hours. This makes our residential ski glove dryers an ideal and practical choice for families who enjoy winter activities nearly every day. 


Businesses, such as ski resorts, can take advantage of the convenience our commercial dryers provide day in and day out, including our commercial glove dryers. With them, they can have greater assurance that the gloves they provide to their customers and employees are dry, clean, comfortable, and sanitary. Because by utilizing one of our glove dryers, you can help reduce the presence of microbes in gloves by 99.95% when dried between uses.  


Many industrial facilities require workers to wear gloves, including food processing and production, mining, oil, and gas. To help ensure worker safety and prevent potential contamination, it is crucial to utilize quality glove dryers from Williams Direct Dryers. Our dryers can help ensure that gloves are safer for everyday use. Our glove dryers are  also gentle enough through the use of warm – not hot – air to help extend the lifespan of gloves.   

Benefits of Using a Glove Dryer from Williams Direct Dryers 

At Williams Direct Dryers, our dependable products offer our customers considerable benefits and advantages, including our glove dryers. 

By using one of our glove dryers, you can expect:

  • Dry, cleaner, & more comfortable gloves
  • Gloves with a 99.95% decrease in bacteria when dried between uses
  • Less downtime for gloves between cleanings
  • Decreased “locker room” smells that often come from air drying wet gear
  • Gloves that are likely to last longer

Row of lockers using ski and boot dryers


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Glove dryers from Williams Direct Dryers are remarkably innovative and beneficial appliances to own. Whether you own a vacation home in the snowy mountains of Switzerland, a ski resort in the United States of America, or an industrial facility in Canada, our glove dryers can help ensure that there are safer, more comfortable, and dry gloves available to those who need them. Contact us today to learn more or receive a free estimate!