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Since 1989

Williams Direct Dryers has been innovating, manufacturing and selling specialized apparel dryers for skiers, firefighters, industrial works, military personnel, professional sport teams, law enforcement and marine personnel.

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Commercial Boot and Glove Dryers

We offer portable and wall-supported boot and glove dryers in 110V or 220V configurations. Electrically Certified for North America, Australia* and Europe

Williams Direct Dryers has been one of the most trusted names in boot and glove dryers since 1989, when we first began to innovate some of the most efficient drying units in the industry. Our dryers offer fast-drying protection that can actually help extend the life of apparel by eliminating moisture that causes fabric to break down. This is why some of the most active industries including fire service, athletics, food service, and government agencies trust our equipment dryers. Many homeowners have also discovered the benefits of Williams Direct Dryers for their mud rooms during the snowy or rainy seasons. When it has to be dry, our customers know they can always count on Williams Direct Dryers.

If you can wear it...

We can dry it!

  • North American made with hand welded 16 gauge steel. Food grade stainless steel on some models.
  • Powder coated using high heat to ensure a lasting finish
  • CSA Certified for North America, C-Tick certified for Australia, CE certified for Europe.
  • Helps reduce microbe loads by 99.95% in a study on Williams Direct Dryers conducted by Akron Children’s Hospital
  • 5-year warranty on superstructure and 2 year on electrical

What we offer and why we’re the best

When it comes to gear dryers, quality is everything. Our industrial-grade, heavy-duty gear dryers give the operator a choice between warmed air- and ambient air-drying options with the flick of a switch. This allows us to help maintain your gear with energy-efficient options that are budget-friendly. Our dryers are also some of the quietest on the market today, which makes them practical for indoor use. This is just another reason Williams Direct Dryers is trusted by both the United States and Canadian militaries.

We offer over 50 different boot, glove and apparel dryers to make sure you get the unit that best fits your needs – and your space! Our portable industrial dryers are great on the go. We also have wall-mounted configurations in varying sizes to accommodate any area with ease. Choose between 110V and 220V configurations to get the most out of your gear dryer.

Built For You

Williams Direct Dryers™ are available in 110 or 220 volt configuration with plug cord ends for North America, Australia* or Europe.

*on most models

Energy Management

Williams Direct Drying™ technology allows the operator to select between warmed air drying or ambient air drying with the flick of a switch.


Williams Direct Dryers™ has been in business since 1989 designing, manufacturing and selling specialized drying equipment. We stand behind our dryers and support our customers.


User selected gently warmed or ambient temperature air is delivered to the hardest and furthest part of the garment to dry first then spreading throughout the apparel. Drying air is generated via a blower situated in the lower manifold of the dryer. Drying air is warmed about 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit as it is passes across a user controlled finned stainless heater. When selected, the warming technology delivers drying air up the vertical risers, out the drying arms and into the garment(s). Drying arms are optimized and specific to apparel. For example, boot drying arms can be used for gloves but are optimized for boot/shoe drying.

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dryer diagram

Jacket specific drying arms showing discharge nozzles

Drying air, gently warmed or room temperature, is directed to the furthest and hardest part of the garment to dry. The drying arms are configured to optimally manage the drying of the apparel used

Extended boot specific drying arms showing discharge nozzles

In drying boots, warmed or ambient temperature drying air is directed to the toe of boot. Drying is accomplished from the hardest part of the boot to dry, the toe, back to the cuff. Extended boot arms are optimized using the heel clip (shown)

Blower housing on manifold

The blower that generates the high volume drying air is housed within the grounded blower housing. Drying air is then passed across a stainless steel finned heater to gently warm the air. The heater can be deselected by the user to run only ambient temperature air.

Customer Reviews

We went full force with the dryer (a Williams Direct Dryers model WS5) the other day after an incident and my staff is just absolutely amazed at the ease, the operation and the speed of your unit. I can't thank you enough. Again, we love the unit. Enjoy your day!

Staff Line Coordinator Jervis

The Model RM8 that we purchased is of the finest quality and workmanship that I have seen in a long time. Desmond Mayne was very helpful and courteous in answering any and all questions we had regarding this product. The unit is very "User Friendly" and effective in mask drying. Keep up the good work.

Lt. Scott A. Clifford , East Putnam Fire Dpt, CT

This unit is doing a fantastic drying job. The gear feels like it was naturally dried which leaves it soft and pliable. After our washing and drying you would think the gear was new right out of the bag.

Chief Ken Freiburger, Walkerton Fire Dpt, ON