Oil & Gas Dryers

Those working on offshore rigs are virtually certain to end their workdays with gear that is wet, damp and a breeding ground for bacteria and infection. Nothing is better at drying boots, gloves, uniforms and more than the heavy duty dryers found at Williams Direct Dryers. Our dryers come in a variety of options (including portable dryers and wall mount dryers) and no other ambient or forced air dryers on the market can match their performance and durability. The Williams Direct name is highly respected in our industry, and our products are a valued resource for those involved with rugged duty careers. On and offshore oil rigs certainly fit the bill when it comes to rugged duty, and our glove and boot dryers fit the bill when it comes to eliminating bacteria, reducing the chance for infection and keeping gear safe, comfortable and dry.

The work you do is tough, and your gear is exposed to the same elements as you are. At the end of the day your gear needs a dryer as tough as those elements to make certain it is dried correctly. Since 1989 Williams Direct Dryers have done just that.

  • Our gear is built for durability and long lasting toughness (16 gauge welded construction and powder coated)
  • According to an Akron Children's Hospital study, effectively removes 99.95% percent of bacteria and fungal loads in apparel if used between apparel use
  • Designed for continuous duty cycles
  • Built in North America using North American parts
  • CSA and CE electrical certification
  • Five-year warranty on superstructure
  • Stops odor in apparel

We invite you to learn more about the many dryers available to you here at Williams Direct Dryers. As an innovator in our industry, we push the boundries of what is possible with our state-of-the-art products. Discover for yourself why our dryers are such a valued resource for those in the oil and gas industries.