About Williams Direct Dryers

Father-and-son team, Bob and Gary, founded Williams Direct Dryers in Vancouver, BC in 1989. It began as a passion project named The Incredible Bootdryer Company with a focus on manufacturing commercial ski boot dryers for resorts and lodges in snow country. Gary and his father wired the dryers themselves in a small, two-car garage out of their home. Gary’s experience as a civil engineer gave the duo a competitive edge that helped build the foundation for what our company would become over the years. While we remained a home-based business for many years, The Incredible Bootdryer Company evolved into Williams Boot & Glove Dryers Inc. in 1996.

Desmond joined the company in 2006 and focused efforts into a newly-developed line of fire service and PPE dryers. His background as a professional firefighter, rescue specialist in the coast guard and product manager for Brookdale (a subsidiary of DuPont) made his transition into Williams a natural fit. Around that time, Williams Boot & Glove Dryers Inc. took on the added name of Williams Direct Dryers to better describe our quickly evolving role into other styles of apparel dryers. Today, Williams Direct Dryers manufactures over 50 different styles of boot and glove dryers. Our products are sold globally both directly and through a distribution network.

Our Commitment to You

Williams Direct Dryers is dedicated to serving people. We are passionate about our work: we build fantastic, effective dryers with crazy long lifespans! But at the end of the day, it is our humanity and customer service that sets Williams Direct Dryers apart from the competition. We are proud to offer dryers that cater to the needs of our customers, including features like:

  • NFPA-specified temperatures
  • Efficient drying processes with high air flow
  • 95 percent reduction in bacterial and fungal growth
  • International electrical certifications

Our customers feel the same: you know better than anyone that dry gear is more comfortable to wear. Comfort helps keep workers focused on the job at hand, which increases productivity and overall satisfaction.

Eco-Friendly Initiatives

We developed green initiatives to give back to the planet that has given so much to us. Our dryers feature ultra-long life technology and energy management systems. At the end of each dryer's life, decades down the road, they are nearly 99 percent recyclable. Additionally, our dryers help protect your apparel to reduce waste. Modern problems require eco-friendly solutions. It’s just that simple.

Looking to the Future

Williams Direct Dryers has grown exponentially from the father-and-son production in the garage of their home, but our company continues to build on the same home-grown family values we have always held. As both husbands and fathers, Gary and Desmond are proud to support their team and families with opportunities for professional development and leadership roles.

Williams Direct Dryers looks to the future as innovators, ready to create optimal drying processes for any purpose our customers require. Williams Direct Dryers: we take care of what you wear.