About Williams Direct Dryers

In 1989 our first production model boot dryer was built for a ski boot rental operation. This was quite an achievement, because in those days there was no such thing as commercial boot dryers. Now, there are few people that don’t understand the importance of dry apparel.

Today, we manufacture over 50 different dryer styles and sell worldwide. Some of our dryers such as our boot dryers, boxing glove or wader dryers were the first machines in the world to accomplish these tasks. The United States and Canadian military and Fire Services are large clients. We are in many private residences and are the dryer of choice for numerous mountain operations. All of our dryers are hand built out of welded 16 gauge steel then powdercoated under high heat to protect the dryer’s surface. Every dryer is individually and independently electrically inspected and tested for safety by CSA: we have an unparalleled 5 year warranty on superstructure and 2 year on electrical.

More than this though, we are customer-driven. Many of our product lines have been developed after satisfying a request from a single client. Dryers are not a sideline for us. They are our only business, and we take that very seriously!