Duty Gear Dryers

First responders face danger every day on the job. The last thing they should worry about are the clothes they’re wearing. Our industrial turnout gear dryers are NFPA-compatible and have been specially designed to keep personal protective equipment (PPE) dry and ready to use at a moment’s notice. We have your work apparel covered (and dry) so you can focus on the important job at hand.

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Importance of Keeping Your Gear Clean

No one likes dirty gear or soaking wet shoes but wearing these items can actually be dangerous when your job is high-risk or filled with intense situations. Even damp gear can overpower the moisture membrane in your equipment and cause serious burns when exposed to heat. Contaminates left too long on the surface of your gear can also damage heat-resistant fabric, which is your first line of defense. Harmful substances found in soot can cause illness, while wet gear can cause skin irritation or burns if exposed to extreme heat. Our dryers have been developed to provide the most optimal drying experience using innovative techniques honed over the years.

Our industrial firefighter equipment dryers work to protect the innermost thermal layer of your PPE which offers the most protection for the wearer. This layer’s integrity is essential to the life of your PPE, so you have to be able to trust the products you use to care for each item.

Duty Gear Dryers in action

Drying Equipment Options

Williams Direct Dryers’ commercial boot and duty gear dryer models come in many different models to accommodate crews of different sizes and all kind of gear. Choose from wall-mounted installations to portable forced air dryers to use wherever and whenever you need them most. Our turnout gear dryers are made specifically for temperature-sensitive items and delicate garments, which is why we included the following features:

  • Ambient and warm drying temperatures
  • Plug-in wall timer
  • Space-saving innovation
  • Energy management switches

Our PPE dryers really do it all. Dry your entire uniform from boots to gloves with ease. Even heavier items like jackets and pants are no match for our dryers! Our equipment is safe to use on everything from hazmat suits to scuba gear, helmets and cold weather rescue apparel. No matter your industry, your entire crew can enjoy clean, ready-to-wear gear!

Don’t waste any more resources on alternative drying methods that waste time or damage life-saving gear. Choose Williams Direct Dryers to provide your crew with the best solution turnout gear upkeep. Visit our website dedicated to fire and rescue service members to order online!