Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Boot Dryers


Boot dryers help your gear stay in top condition use after use. Wet gear is a breeding ground for bacteria, which is why improperly drying your gear or wearing it before it’s completely dry is a recipe for disaster.  rIn the fire service, wearing wet gear can even result in injury due to steam burns. We don’t sell wet suit dryers. Even a pair of wet snow boots can cause serious medical problems, such as Pseudomonas Cellulitis. There are so many other reasons you should correctly dry your gear other than comfort! Wearing wet gear can affect your health during a time of the year most of our immune systems are at their weakest. 


Our dryers give you the option between ambient temperature and warmed air. Williams Direct Dryers can be used on warmed air cycle even with thermally sensitive fabrics and warmed air is a great way to shorten the dry time for hardier materials. Warm air holds more water vapor than cold, so the rate of drying is enhanced. When a fabric feels dry to the touch, water molecules are hygroscopically bonded to the microscopic fibers. Average room temperature air does not provide enough energy to effectively break this bond between water and fiber the way that warmed air does. This prolongs the amount of time it takes for your gear to dry and allows a window for problematic fungi and bacteria to start growing.

HOW DO I GET RID OF that "locker room" smell?

Microbes thrive in warm, dark and damp conditions. PPE provides an ideal environment for the growth of fungi and other bacteria that can cross contaminate the wearer. Human odor is caused by naturally-produced pheromones. The obnoxious odor associated with locker rooms is caused by an excess accumulation of these microbes. Keeping PPE dry will limit this condition. We also offer an antimicrobial powder coat on our ppe dryer line that fights against the fungi and bacteria that can cross contaminate the wearer.

HOW Can I Keep my gear dry longer?

Wearing wet gear can easily send you running for home. It’s uncomfortable! If you’ve ever given in to the cold and gone inside solely because your snow gear has reached its wet capacity, you understand the frustration. We all want to prolong the dry time of our gear and enjoy the outdoors. Wearing gear that is mildly damp can immediately chill you, but what most people don’t know is wearing gear right out of the dryer is just as bad! (is this statement able to be supported? And, if so, please tell me why, so I can learn something new!)The only way to keep your gear dry for the longest amount of time is to make sure every inch of the gear you are wearing is not only completely dry but also room temperature before stepping outside.


Some PPE is manufactured with fabrics that could be damaged by too much heat. Our machines are designed to be fully NFPA compliant even on the warmed air mode, not damaging heat sensitive fabrics. From an energy efficiency standpoint Williams Direct Dryers come with an ambient air setting that will help with energy efficient drying. Throwing on your gear when it has been dried at a high temperature and is still warm can also increase your chances of sweating, thus making your gear in need of another dry much faster than if you had dried it at a lower heat.


Our dryers have been trusted by NASA, Canadian and U.S. militaries, fire departments, five-star resorts, and professional sports teams for over 30 years. We consistently deliver top-of-the-line dryers that keep gear of all kind in top condition. Each of our dryers also comes with a five-year superstructure warranty. Each dryer’s electrical components are under warranty for two years after purchase as well. All our dryers are also safety certified for the market they are sold in. When you go with Williams Direct Dryers, you’re getting the best!