Mining Dryers

Forced Air Dryer Selection for Efficient, Quick Drying of Mining Boots, Gloves & Equipment

Williams Direct Dryers™ is the first name in commercial dryers setting the standard for drying wet or damp gear. Our forced air dryers (both portable and wall mounted) are used in a variety of industries that need the heavy duty drying ability we offer. One such industry is the mining industry, where employees involved in above or below ground mining operations count on our industrial strength dryers to keep their gear dry and safe. Whether you choose to use yours as a boot dryer, glove dryer, uniform dryer or for another purpose, you can rest easy knowing that the warmed or ambient air goes after bacteria and fungi aggressively. Mines are dirty and the work is tough. A typical day will no doubt result in the need to effectively dry your gear. In such moments, call on the pioneer in specialized drying equipment for nearly three decades, Williams Direct Dryers™.

Mining is tough, rugged work, and the dryers you use to dry your damp gear need to be equally as rugged and up to the challenge every time you are in the mine. Williams Direct Dryers is home to the most heavy duty and long-lasting dryers our industry has to offer.

  • Our dryers are designed for use in rugged duty applications including below ground mining operations
  • Removes 99.95% of bacteria and fungal loads in apparel if dried between use
  • Stops odor in apparel
  • Built from 16 gauge welded steel construction
  • Powder coated for added durability
  • Built in North America using North American parts
  • Designed for continuous duty cycles

We offer a variety of portable and wall mount dryers for you to choose from, and think you will be amazed at how effectively they dry even the wettest and dampest of gear. Learn more about what we produce, and join those in the mining industry who keep their gear safe and dry with the help of Williams Direct Dryers.