Mining Dryers

Keeping Gear Dry & Miners Safer

PPE dryers for mining gear from Williams Direct Dryers can help miners worldwide be safer, healthier, and more comfortable. Our time-tested mining gear dryers help dry various pieces of gear, including boots, gloves, helmets, and more. In doing so, your miners’ gear can be better equipped to aid them in their workday – rather than potentially harm them.

The Trouble with Wearing Wet Gear

The mining industry is one of many industries that can benefit from our handbuilt PPE dryers. By utilizing gear dryers for boots, gloves, helmets, and other PPE, you can help ensure greater levels of safety and comfort for your miners. The reason for this is due to the many issues that can result from wearing wet gear. Sadly, wet gear is often a breeding ground for numerous types of bacteria, which not only cause unpleasant smells but also present a danger to the health of miners. Wet gear, especially wet boots, can also lead to medical complications, such as pseudomonas cellulitis, which can keep a miner from working. Fortunately, issues like these can be avoided with the help of optimized PPE dryers for the mining industry.

Benefits of PPE Dryers for Your Boots, Gloves, & More

Safer Gear & Healthier Miners

Mining gear often experiences significant wear and tear throughout its lifespan. Whether it’s boots, gloves, helmets, or something else, it will eventually be worn down, especially with consistent washing to keep the gear clean. Fortunately, our PPE dryers for mining gear can help extend the life of your gear. This is because our durable dryers remove moisture, which typically causes boots, gloves, and more to deteriorate faster. Our warming PPE dryers for miners also help prevent the formation and growth of bacteria in wet and damp gear. This helps keep your gear safer for use and healthier for miners. And, with warming air instead of hot air, our dryers will not damage your gear.

More Comfortable Boots & Gloves

Not only is wet gear unsafe, but it is also extremely uncomfortable to wear, especially while working. By using one or more PPE dryers from Williams Direct Dryers, your miners can benefit from having clean and dry gear, making it more comfortable than ever. By maximizing comfort along with cleanliness, miners can work more efficiently and more effectively throughout their workday.

Less Downtime for Mining Gear

Our boot and glove dryers, as well as our other PPE dryers for the mining industry, help reduce the downtime gear needs between uses. Without a dryer, newly cleaned gear is forced to air dry – sometimes for substantially long periods of time. This can create long periods of downtime for the gear and keep miners from their work. However, with our mining gear dryers, you can reduce the amount of time between use, cleaning, and using again, making your mining operation far more efficient.

Features of Our Mining Gear Dryers

Mining is tough, rugged work, and the dryers you use to dry your damp gear need to be equally as rugged and up to the challenge every time you are in the mine. Williams Direct Dryers is home to the most heavy duty and long-lasting dryers our industry has to offer. Some of the many features of our high-quality mining gear dryers include:

  • Our dryers are designed for use in rugged duty applications, including below ground mining operations
  • Removes 99.95% of bacteria and fungal loads in apparel if dried between use
  • Stops odor in apparel
  • Built from 16 gauge welded steel construction
  • Powder coated for added durability
  • Built in North America using North American parts
  • Designed for continuous duty cycles

Why Order from Williams Direct Dryers?

At Williams Direct Dryers, we understand the importance and need for dry gear. Whether it’s for first responders, public works, or the mining industry, we have the gear dryers needed to help ensure that your essential PPE is ready whenever you need it. All of our PPE dryers, including our boot and glove dryers, are handbuilt from welded steel and other quality materials. As a result, our gear dryers can stand up to years of use, helping keep your PPE and other gear dry and safer for use. Our time-tested dryers are also energy efficient, making them an incredibly cost-effective investment for nearly any industry with essential PPE, including those in the mining industry.

Learn More About Mining Gear Dryers Today!

Mining gear dryers for PPE from Williams Direct Dryers are essential for lengthening the life of mining gear and helping keep miners safer and healthier. Our time-tested dryers are built by hand to be incredibly durable and provide energy-efficient warming air to not only reduce your gear’s downtime but to make them dry and ready for use when you need them. We offer a variety of portable and wall mount dryers for you to choose from and think you will be amazed at how effectively they dry even the wettest and dampest of gear. Learn more about what we produce and join those in the mining industry who keep their gear safe and dry with the help of Williams Direct Dryers. Contact us today to learn more about our PPE dryers for mining gear or get a quote!