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Williams Direct Dryers has been at the forefront of wet gear dryers and boot dryers for State, County, City, local government workers, first responders, public works, service personnel, and others for over 30 years. Nobody understands the value of safety more than those at the front lines of public welfare, care and protection. These include first responders such as the fire department, law enforcement, emergency medical personnel, city workers, sewer, trash, disposal, road construction crews, machine operators, and other hard-working individuals that keep everything running smoothly day in and day out. Offering these services is part and parcel of running the local government, and through the course of their daily work, they encounter everything from rain, snow and more. These important teams need their gear dry and ready for the next service call so that they can perform at their best level each and every time. Our dryers quickly dry wet gear and boots to be ready when they are.

Our mission is to honor these heroes by developing the safest, most effective turnout boot dryers and wet gear dryers possible at Williams Direct Dryers. 

Nobody enjoys wearing wet clothes, but sometimes, for those public safety officials and service personnel, this can be inevitable in their line of duty especially going from one call to the next, to the next. But the prolonged wearing of wet gear can be a health hazard and just all around uncomfortable. This is where our dryers shine as they can quickly, and thoroughly dry turnout gear and boots to be ready for the next day, job, or call. 
We make selecting the most appropriate boot and wet gear dryers for your crew easy. We offer a wide selection of the best dryers on the market. Contact us for a free consultation and pricing quote.

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Williams Direct Dryers Reduce Boot & Gear Dry Times

At Williams Direct Dryers, we lend our expertise by providing the best NFPA-compliant boot dryers and wet gear dryers in the market. As a result, our dryers are astonishingly effective. Although typical dryers are designed to dry wet gear and boots in three to four hours, our dryers cut that drying time in half and offer safe drying features. In addition, they are designed specifically to be compact, quiet and especially to perform exceptionally well. Our dryers dry boots, gear, and apparel faster, ensuring they are ready and safe to wear.

Dryers in Demand

Our wet gear and boot dryers are also ideal for specialty units and governmental departments. So naturally, the same wet gear health concerns that plague emergency personnel also affect bomb-squads, police departments, fire departments, city construction workers and more. That is why we have also seen a spike in demand for our dryers from public works departments and beyond. Whether you need dryers for specialty gear such as dry suit, bomb-protective gear and duty gear applications or other gear we have the perfect PPE dryer solutions for you.

Gear & Boot Dryers Lower the Risk of Infections

Wet gear hazards should not be taken lightly. Did you know that in certain circumstances, wet, damp gear, whether firefighter or emergency personnel, can be a severe health risk? Take, for instance, wet, cold water rescue suits: these can easily act as a reservoir for blood-borne pathogens, which can wreak devastation on the wearer leading to serious medical problems, including pseudomonas cellulitis. Bacterial infection is also not uncommon. Given the very real dangers associated with wet gear, it's unsurprising that our wet gear dryers are in hot demand by emergency personnel, including the fire department, law enforcement and rescue units, and more. Our dryers reduce upwards of 99.5% of the fungal, viral and bacterial load that can often lurk in wet gear. By drying the gear thoroughly and not giving these unpleasant pathogens a chance to fester, you can better protect your important teams that protect and serve the public every day.

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Fast & Effective Drying

Before you begin your search for the best gear and boot dryers, check out our product gallery. As we previously mentioned, wearing wet turnout gear, clothes and boots can pose serious health repercussions. Having said that, the drying process should be completed within the recommended time and frequency limits. Meaning, the quicker the better. Essentially get it on the dryer in a timely fashion from once it got wet, set at optimal temperatures; then the gear is dried quickly. The average time required by our dryers varies according to the level of saturation of water in your gear and boots. But we have mastered the art of drying personal protective equipment, gear and boots.

Williams Direct Dyers boot dryers can dry boots, shoes, gear and gloves all at the same time, all in record time. This includes drying a variety of garments, from rain-soaked service boots to sweaty construction boots to soggy gloves filled with melting snow, so that your crew can start the day with dry, comfortable gear. Our dryers use gentle forced air and 105-degree heat to quickly remove moisture, help prevent odors, and prolong the life of the footwear. In addition, our boot dryers and wet gear dryers are entirely safe to use and will cause no shrinkage, warping, or other damage to custom-fit liners or even the most delicate of garments. 

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Williams Direct Dryers has been in business since 1989 and initially set up shop to cater for ski rental operations. The business has since grown to fulfill the needs of such notables as the US military, NASA, regional and local government workers, service personnel, emergency teams, and first responders, fire departments, and more. We are customer-driven, and many of our product lines have been customized to fit various applications requested by the client. When it comes to boot and wet gear dryers, we take our work very seriously. Call us today for more information.