Food Services Dryers

Commercial Electric Dryer & Dryer Rack Options for Food Service Industry Safety

Our stainless steel food dryers provide the same state-of-the-art results as our boot dryers do for our fire service and military customers. Made from the same food grade stainless steel as our renowned boot dryers and shoe racking systems, our food service equipment helps to prevent cross contamination, a vital benefit in the food services industry. These wall mounted dryers utilize the benefits of residual disinfecting of the boots while protecting the integrity of the apparel being dried. Williams Direct Dryers™ is a pioneer in the evolution of industrial and commercial dryers, with products used by clients the world over. We are happy to provide those in the food processing and services industries with food service supplies they can count on to promote hygiene control, avoid contamination and keep conditions clean.

Our food grade stainless steel dryers and restaurant supplies promote food safety, befitting a great number of food-related business including:

1. Food processing plants
2. Abattoirs
3. Vegetable processors
4. Fish processing plants
5. Meat processing plants
6. Bakeries

These wall mounted food dryers house all the electrics near the ceiling, allowing for easy and safe clean up and wash down. As with all our boot dryers and commercial dryers from Williams Direct™, you can expect optimum performance and a long product life. Williams Direct Dryers™ has been at the forefront of every significant advancement having to do with boot dryers since our inception in 1989, and our commitment and expertise is now proving of benefit to the food services industry through the food service equipment we provide.

Since our founding in 1989 we've created many products based on a single request from a client. Every day the list of industrial and commercial customers using our dryers grows, and we couldn't be more proud of this fact. We are happy to add the food services industry and its many great businesses to our list of satisfied customers. Avoid cross contamination and keep your apparel clean by counting on food service supplies from Williams Direct Dryers™.