Dryers for Schools

Our Dryers are Perfect for Drying Wet Gear, Boot, Shoes, Coats, & Gloves for Schools K to 12, Colleges & Universities 

Having two decades of experience in the gear, shoe and boot dryer industry, Williams Direct Dryers are very familiar with the importance of having dry clothes and footwear, as well as the ins and outs of what makes a dryer effective. For a dryer to be useful, especially in a school environment, they should not only be fast and effective, but also able to be used in a variety of different situations. 

Our dryers tick all of those boxes and we have a variety of extremely effective dryers for all sorts of situations and needs.

Keeping clothes and boots dry isn’t a minor issue to be glossed over, which is why we offer three different types of dryers for schools for different occasions. These types include the locker dryer, larger dryer, and sports dryer. Offering this wide variety of dryers for schools, universities and colleges is important, as wet clothes and shoes being worn can lead to many problems besides being uncomfortable. 

School Locker Dryers

Larger Dryers

Our large commercial dryers can be either portable or wall-mounted and are useful to dry many things at once, such as dozens of coats, boots and gloves in one go. This dryer can be quite useful after a pouring rainstorm when students are on their way to school. On snowy days where many are wearing boots, this dryer may prove to be particularly effective. Wearing shoes that aren’t dry can lead to things such as a fungal condition known as ringworm on the feet, otherwise known as Athlete’s Foot, which is a red, circular rash. Painful nail fungus infections can also occur due to wearing wet, soggy shoes.

To make many students feel comfortable and to ward off health issues and odor, our larger school shoe and boot dryers are just the thing. A whole classroom of students can have their gear, shoes dry fast, enabling them to be quickly used for other activities or to be worn throughout the day in comfort. Students are already distracted enough in the classroom as it is, so soggy clothes and shoes certainly don’t need to be added onto that!

Sport Dryers

The school sport dryers we offer are extremely useful for your sports teams. The last thing anyone wants is to be in a locker room full of soggy, foul smelling shoes. And besides wet athletic shoes and equipment emanating strong odors, they can even harm the performance of players. When exposed to additional moisture from wet shoes, painful blisters and skin cracks can develop, which can limit a team’s ability to perform optimally. Wet athletic gear can also cause further problems, including conditions like Jock Itch and skin inflammation. With our gear, shoe and boot dryers for schools, all of these issues can be mitigated to a large degree.

With our sports dryers, entire teams can quickly dry all sorts of athletic gear, including helmets, boxing gloves, cleats, and more. This ability to dry gear so quickly can significantly reduce a team’s downtime. Also, your team will be healthier, given how effective our sport dryers are in eliminating fungus and bacteria. Finally, the ability of our sport dryers to stamp out odors will make everyone feel they can walk through the locker room without needing an oxygen mask to breathe.

Why Our Dryers Are Great For Schools, Colleges, & Universities

The benefits our dryers offer any type of school are plenty. Students will be able to feel more comfortable at school, given that they aren’t going about their day in wet or soggy apparel. Unpleasant odors that would otherwise quickly build up will instead be abolished. Most importantly, student health will improve, given that issues like Athlete’s Foot, Eczema, skin inflammation, and painful blisters will be less likely to occur. Essentially, an all around more enjoyable school experience will be created.

Why Choose Williams Direct Dryers

At Williams Direct Dryers, we have the experience and track record of delivering amazing dryers that perform phenomenally. Our dryers eliminate 99.95% of all bacteria on apparel that could otherwise cause a variety of problems. Furthermore, besides getting rid of bacteria and foul odors, our shoe and boot dryers for schools use a low heat to avoid drying out and damaging materials like leather.

So if you’re interested in our school dryers for gear, shoes and boots, contact us here and one of our friendly professional staff will be happy to help you. Dryers for trade schools, academy’s, preschool, middle school, high schools, universities and colleges all benefit from providing accessible, easy to use dryers for their students to use, keeping attendance up and participation high because your students are not distracted by cold, damp gear.

We have you covered, from drying out rain gear to school mascot costumes to sports gear. Our school dryers can easily handle any type of equipment or gear for your learning establishment. Call us today for your free consultation on school dryers.

School Locker Dryers

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