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Commercial boot and glove dryers with an industry-leading warranty

Williams Direct Dryers ski boot dryer at a ski lodge

Williams Direct Dryers carries over 50 different types of predesigned boot and glove dryers. The thing is, not every lifestyle is the same. The dryer that works for a ski lodge won’t always be the same as the one that works for a professional athlete. Commercial industries will have different requirements still. Just like all our customers are different, we understand that every dryer should be made specifically to meet your needs. That’s why we offer different options to order to perfect dryer for you: you can pick from a selection of premade dryers for fast turnaround or speak with us to request a completely custom design. Because when it comes to your dryer, we want you to have the very best.

Our dryers include:

When it comes to your equipment, cleanliness and proper maintenance go hand in hand. Proper care of your gear is key to prevention of mold, bacteria and fungus that contribute to illness. A hospital-backed study actual shows that Williams Direct Dryers eliminate 99.95 percent of bacteria when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions. That’s less down time for you and more time doing what you love.

Our boot dryers allow people to get back to work quickly. Whether you are taking a short break from the slopes or turning in after a long day on your feet, our boot and glove dryers will help maintain clean equipment that is dry and ready to work when you are. This is why so many organizations, including the Canadian and U.S. militaries, trust Williams Direct Dryers with their equipment. Our commitment to quality is about more than producing air dryers that work; it’s a commitment to our customers. We stand behind our products with ethical business practices that will make you proud to support Williams Direct Dryers.

Our dryers are tailored for a variety of applications, including:

  • Ski lodges
  • Snow sports
  • Fire stations
  • Military
  • Construction
  • Food service

Don’t wait to start protecting your gear. Williams Direct Dryers offers an industry-leading warranty on all dryers, so you can get yours completely risk free. Contact us to order your dryer today!