20-Pair Commercial Wall Mount Boot & Glove Dryer - W20/20 (Dries 40 Boots & 40 Gloves)

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20-Pair Commercial Wall Mounted Boot & Glove Dryer - W2020, designed to dry up to 40 boots and 40 gloves at once, making it perfect for larger facilities.

This wall-mounted dryer is made with high-quality materials and has a durable construction. It measures 60" x 20" x 82" and weighs 170 lbs. The machine is floor supported and attached to the wall, providing a stable and secure drying solution for your boots and gloves.

The energy management switch on this dryer allows you to select either warmed air or ambient air drying, making it adaptable to your specific drying needs. It also comes with a wall-mounted timer included, providing an easy and convenient way to manage the drying process.

Our palm expanders are a popular addition to our glove drying arms, providing more effective drying for the fingers of soft-shelled gloves. When added, this dryer is called the W20/20P.

The dryer is available in both 120V and 240V options to suit your electrical requirements. It has a 12A current draw, 1550 watts of heating power, and a powerful 490 cfm blower.

Description: Wall mounted 20 pair combination boot & Glove dryer
Dimensions: 60" x 20" x 82"
Weight: 170 lbs
Volts: 120V (also available in 240V)
Amps: 12A
Heater: 1550 Watts
Blower: 490 cfm
Notes: Machine is floor supported and attached at the wall. 3 way energy management switch nominal 7.5’ cord c/w grounded cord and plug in wall timer. Also available with “palm expanders” at an additional cost
Features Our energy management switch allows you to select either warmed air or ambient air drying. Wall mounted , timer included. Adding palm expanders to the glove drying arms more effectively dry the fingers of soft shelled gloves. When palm expanders are added this dryer is called the W20/20P.