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There is a common misconception that ski boot dryer racks only belong in ski resorts and other similar places. However, residential homes located near ski slopes also benefit from professional ski boot dryers. For over three decades, Williams Direct Dryers has been at the forefront of manufacturing and retail in the industry of gear and boot dryers. Our professional, high-quality residential and commercial dryers offer reliable and long lasting performance year after year.  Our dryers are designed to extend the life of your gear by removing moisture and helping to kill bacteria. When it comes to ski boots, our dryers...

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DID YOU KNOW? Williams Direct Dryers, were the first globally to develop commercially available ski boot dryers. In 1989, there was a well established need in the ski industry for drying ski boots and gloves. Williams Direct Dryers took note of this and undertook the challenge. Due to WDD’s location and proximity to ski mountains, …

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