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Get Prepared For Ski Season – with WDD Ski Boot Dryers

Williams Direct Dryers, were the first globally to develop commercially available ski boot dryers.

In 1989, there was a well established need in the ski industry for drying ski boots and gloves. Williams Direct Dryers took note of this and undertook the challenge. Due to WDD’s location and proximity to ski mountains, it was to their advantage to engineer an exceptional machine that could last. British Columbia (where WDD is located), is a renowned for world class skiing; the ultimate ski hub. The high demand to keep boots dry was dire – WDD offered a lasting solution.

Rental shops at the ski mountains, needed to offer dry boots and gloves for customers who were ready to rent gear and hit the slopes. They directed a great deal of attention on offering clean (sanitized) gear to their customers; as dry gear meant clean gear. Since boots and gloves were used at a high turn over rate, they quickly noticed hand drying wasn’t effective enough. It lacked an establish air flow which ensures boot/glove drying completeness.

The ski rental shops had four major concerns they were continually confronted with:

1. Keeping boots and/or gloves dry
2. Keeping gear clean
3. Removal of foul smells
4. A means to reduce disease causing bacteria

WDD’s drying systems reduces the bacterial load, in turn it helped removed any smells from the boots and/or gloves. In addition, direct drying reduces the transfer of disease causing bacteria. Any contact with skin to garment (in wet environments, including sweat and mucous) can lead to deadly diseases such as MRSA.

WDD exclusively offers Direct Drying Technology™ – This benefitted the ski mountains by:

1. Prolonging the life of gear
2. Reducing foul smells caused by bacteria
3. Providing a means to clean gear in a safe manner
4. Environmentally safe; Clean gear without the use of harmful chemicals
5. Aids in the elimination of harmful transfer of disease from one garment to another.

Williams Direct Dryers first client was Seymour Mountain, those same dryers are still in operation to this day.

WDD offers at least 25 drying systems catering to the needs of the ski industry including residential.
Williams Direct Dryers offer both Commercial and Residential Boots & Gloves Dryers. WDD’s Commercial Dryers safely dry up to 60 pairs of alpine or nordic ski boots or regular footwear. The Commercial series is available in a portable or wall mount and like the residential line, can be configured as a combination boot and glove dryer.

The following ski resorts operate a WDD ski boot dryers. Now that ski season is on its way, suggest one to your ski resort or purchase one for your cabin.

Ski Resorts using Williams Direct Dryers

Written by: Shay Flores