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Williams Direct Dryers has made it our mission to honor your commitment to your community our promise to you: we will always develop the safest, most effective fire turnout gear dryers possible to help care for the equipment that takes care of you. Designed with your gear in mind, our boot and glove dryers have an area for each piece of your fire turnout gear that effectively dries those hard-to-reach places. Our non-tumble, warm air dryers help maintain the thermal stability of PPE gear without damaging its delicate lining. Our air dryers also help increase the lifespan of turnout gear...

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Years ago, Williams Direct Dryers developed a portable dryer in a fully enclosed case. The problem with the original design was that it was heavy (about 50 pounds), and difficult to pack without a fair bit of dryer specific experience. Having said this, the concept, for its time was very good. So good that other...

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