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How to Use a PPE Dryer for Reduced Drying Time

Williams Direct Dryers has made it our mission to honor your commitment to your community our promise to you: we will always develop the safest, most effective fire turnout gear dryers possible to help care for the equipment that takes care of you.

Designed with your gear in mind, our boot and glove dryers have an area for each piece of your fire turnout gear that effectively dries those hard-to-reach places. Our non-tumble, warm air dryers help maintain the thermal stability of PPE gear without damaging its delicate lining. Our air dryers also help increase the lifespan of turnout gear as they remove 99.99 percent of bacteria and reduce the risk of mildew growth that easily grows in damp equipment.

Step One: Gloves

At the very top of our air dryers is an area for your gloves. By using palm expanders, our dryers can evenly dry the fingers of your gloves, a tough place to reach. Making sure this area is thoroughly dried can help extend the life of your gloves and reduce that ‘locker room’ smell.

Step Two: Jackets

Next, grab your jacket. Place each of your sleeves on the highest air dryer pipes. By going behind the machine and buckling up your jacket, you can create a chimney effect during drying that evenly and quickly dries your jacket.

Step Three: Pants

Two lower air dryer pipes are made to fit your pants perfectly. Hang each of your suspenders on the jacket beams and slide the bottom of your pant legs onto the lower air dryer beams. The air will flow up and out of your pants, reaching and drying every inch.

Step Four: Boots

By far one of the most innovative pieces of our boot and glove dryers is the boot beam. It’s designed to reach the top of your boot’s toe area, an almost impossible place to get dry. That’s why we start there! Slide your boot onto the beam upside down and onto the angled beam and let our dryer do the rest. We also added a heel clip to keep your boot securely attached to the dryer.

For over 30 years, our dryers have been trusted to keep gear in top condition for NASA, Canadian and U.S. militaries, fire departments, five-star resorts, and professional sports teams. Manufacturers of over 50 different styles of dryers, we strive to create unique models so you can choose a dryer that best fits our needs. Contact us today to place an order or learn more about different options available to you. Whatever your needs may be, we’re here to help. If you can wear it… we can dry it!