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SportsDryer ™

Years ago, Williams Direct Dryers developed a portable dryer in a fully enclosed case. The problem with the original design was that it was heavy (about 50 pounds), and difficult to pack without a fair bit of dryer specific experience. Having said this, the concept, for its time was very good. So good that other manufacturers used this as a template for their own portable skate dryer offering.

Over the past year engineering has been working to improve on that original portable dryer design and now has created a patent pending multi-sport dryer. We took a ground up view and scrapped all the old ideas to engineer a larger capacity, lighter, modular and very competitively priced dryer. This very travel friendly SportsDryer(tm) is of an all aluminum, powder coated construction and partially disassembles for inclusion into a custom fabricated travel case. All in, the SportsDryer(tm) and case weigh only 25 pounds. Moreover, fully loaded the dryer holds 8 pairs of apparel.

Every dryer is electrically inspected and tested for safety by CSA and shortly, we plan to have CE for Europe as well! I’ve attached two photos of the newly developed Williams Direct Dryers SportsDryer(tm) below.

All the best,