Williams Direct NFPA Friendly PPE Dryers Set The Industry Standard

At Williams Direct Dryers™, our many different styles of industrial and commercial dryers are augmented by our line of electric dryers and can dry turnout gear, hazmat suits, cold water rescue suits, facepieces, helmet, boots and gloves and other ppe gear. They are the best forced air dryers on the market because they are designed in strict accordance with the NFPA's drying recommendations for drying fire fighting ensembles.

Even after twenty years our electric wall mount and portable dryers continue to evolve. In January of this year we added a fully enclosed blower to our models. And with many cities and townships now demanding more energy efficiency with equipment purchased, we've addressed this need by including an energy management cycle on our dryers. Where appropriate, this energy management switch can reduce energy consumption by over 70%.

The difference in our dryers is that the warmed drying air is delivered directly to the toughest part of the clothing to dry first, ensuring even and safe drying. For example boots are dried from the toe back, and gloves from the fingers back. Our turnout gear dryers surround the inside and outside of the coat and jacket with an envelope of moving air; creating an air drying chimney effect inside of both. Meanwhile, cold water rescue and hazmat suits are hung upside down and gently warmed air is directed to the inside boot and glove portions and at the body of the suits.

Our series of wall mount and portable PPE dryers are truly an engineered system; requiring only one foot of horizontal space per gear drying station. Each of our dryers is hand built in the Williams factory out of American components, with a superstructure made of welded heavy-duty steel construction then powder coated to ensure an exceptionally long life. In addition, all Williams Direct Dryers™ are designed to plug into any standard 110 volt circuit; helping to make our technology compatible with older fire houses.

Williams Direct Dryers™ is proud to count many fire departments all over North America as well as the U.S. Army, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, Navy, and NASA as valued and satisfied customers. We'd love to add you to this prestigious list. Visit Williams Direct Dryers' fire specific website at www.ppedryers.com and read first-hand testimonials from satisfied customers while learning more about the pricing and models available to you.