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WDD Helps Eliminate Smells from Hockey Equipment

In the professional hockey industry, there exists two sides. One side is where glory is gained by winning championships, and the dark side: the foul smelling odor which lingers in the locker room, gym bag and in hockey equipment.

What Causes Hockey Equipment to Smell?
The foul smell is caused by bacteria which feeds on sweat, bodily secretions and dead skin. The smell is an indicator of reoccurring bacteria growth. Therefore, the greater the stench, the higher bacterial load present. Sweat gets absorbed into protective hockey equipment such as skates, helmets and gloves. This is where bacteria thrive, as it is dark, warm and damp. Essentially, this is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. By keeping your sports equipment dry, you needn’t worry about strange odours appearing.

SportsDryers™ Helps Remove Foul Odor
Safely, eliminate odor with a non-toxic approach. Williams Direct Dryers recently developed a new drying systems line: SportsDryers™
SportsDryers™ was designed with the athlete in mind. Transportable and lightweight, you can keep your gear dry on the go. It is perfect for away games or simply rest it by the players’ bench. Anytime, anywhere, your team can stay dry.

SportsDryers™ Offers Stable Air Flow to Ensure Complete Drying
Stable air flow is beneficial for protective hockey equipment. This ensures gear is not damaged by inconsistent temperatures. If gear is exposed to high heat, materials will breakdown, therefore causing damage to hockey gear.

Hockey Gloves require stable temperature flow, as over heating of the palm (including leather palm) of the glove is a possibility. Fortunately, Williams Direct Dryers offers warmed or ambient air options at 10-15F/6-8C above room temperature – that help dry equipment completely, safely and efficiently.

SportsDryers™ Helps Remove Bacteria Leading to MRSA
As with all contact sports, there is a great risk of acquiring an infectious disease such as MRSA. Williams Direct Drying Systems helps prevent infectious diseases leading to MRSA. SportsDryers™ must be used on a continued basis for effective infection prevention.

Direct Dryer Technology™ Benefits:
Williams Direct Dryers uses Direct Dryer Technology™
Designed to deliver warmed air at 10-15F/6-8C above room temperature
⁃ Balances the need for warmth without the prospect of over heating fabric
⁃ Safely dries all types of natural and synthetic fabrics
⁃ Increased comfort for the individual
⁃ Decreased locker room odor
⁃ Increases lifespan of gear

Overall, SportsDryers™ offers athletes the benefits of dry gear; odor removal, odor control and odor elimination. Benefiting all athletes, SportsDryers™ is engineered to keep your gear clean and dry. With over 25 years of experience, you can rely on Williams Direct Drying systems.


Written by Shay Flores