Upgrades to Increase Membership for Gyms and Fitness Centers

The biggest trend in fitness centers today is to take a holistic approach to members’ wellness. Health isn’t just about who can lift the most in the weight room; it’s about the overall quality of your life. Some of the most successful gyms now offer services centered on nutrition, recovery and mental health. They encourage members to take charge of their results both inside the gym and out. Stand out from the competition with these unique upgrades that will give you a reputation as the go-to gym for serious athletes in the area.


Valet Parking

Welcome your members with valet parking so they can show up and jump into a workout without the hassle of a crowded parking lot. Incorporate valet services into your memberships for added value that will encourage local residents to sign up.


Cold Water Stations

Invite your members to hydrate in style with upgraded water stations that fill water bottles faster. Look for green water stations that require fewer water filter changes to get great-tasting water. Services like Quench offer advanced carbon filtration, UV sanitization and reverse osmosis to give your members the purest water to fuel their workouts.


Glove and Boot Dryers

Dryers come in a variety of sizes so you can choose between portable locker dryers or large drying units for boxing gyms. Look for a unit with the option to go between ambient or warmed air to better care for your equipment. Williams Direct Dryers are proven to eliminate 100 percent of all bacteria, which can help keep gym-goers healthy, too!



Take inspiration from your local spa and design a retreat for gym members to use after a tough workout. Add hot and cold saltwater plunge pools to promote muscle recovery with freshly laundered robes for use afterward. Finish the space with a sauna, steam room, lounge chairs, cucumber water, and your guests’ choice of tea.


Additional Sports Facilities

Incorporate less conventional sports into your gym’s offerings to expand your demographic and attract new members. Squash courts, boxing rooms and indoor golf are just the beginning of what some of the country’s most luxurious fitness centers have chosen to offer.


Physical Therapy

Most gyms offer physical training, but most forget that physical therapy can be just as important. Consider expanding your offerings to help members on their road to recovery. Your physical therapists can work together with physical trainers to get members back into the gym safely without compromising their health and fitness goals.


Nutritional Guidance

Maximize your members’ results with a registered dietician on staff. This is a great way to help your members track their macros and design comprehensive health plans that account for more than just reps.


Healthy Food Bar

Help your members stick to their dietary plans with a healthy food bar in the lobby of your fitness center. Offer fruits, vegetables and meals-to-go so members can enjoy delicious food on their own schedule.


Laundry Service

Clean, fresh-smelling linens make all the difference in crowded fitness centers. Step your game up by offering laundry service to members so they can enjoy clean workout gear without taking it home.


Live Music Events

Gym memberships should be exciting! Take a hint from Zenergy Health Club & Spa in Ketchum, Idaho and offer live poolside concerts to reward your members for a job well-done. This will incentivize members to return for more exciting events and will add value to your memberships to drive future sign-ups.


Upgraded Toiletries

Make your members feel like royalty when you partner with luxury brands. For example, E at Equinox offers Molton Brown products in their private showers so all guests leave feeling fresh and ready to take charge of the day.


Don’t get stuck in a rut. Upgrade your fitness center and attract new members faster than ever before! For more tips and tricks to create a beautiful, hygienic space, contact Williams Direct Dryers today.