Top Reasons to Love Williams Direct Dryers

Our team knows just how effective Williams Direct Dryers are – and we want to share our passion for drying apparel with the world! Our boot and glove dryers make a great addition to both homes and businesses, but did you know that we also service the fire industry, Canadian and U.S. militaries, and other government agencies, too?

 lliams Direct Dryers’ boot and glove dryers at a fire station

Our dryers can be found worldwide for one simple reason: they work. Thanks to our dedicated team of researchers and innovators, we like to think they are more efficient than any other dryer in the industry. Here are just a few reasons we are fans of our dryers – and why you should be, too!


Energy Management

Energy matters. We help businesses and organizations keep costs down with our three-way energy management switch. Choose between ambient or warmed air to help dry your garments and equipment with ease. Williams Direct Dryers uses gently warmed air that won’t hurt apparel, about 10 to 15 degrees Fahrenheit above room temperature, to dry. Warm air holds more vapor, which will help shorten your overall drying times. Don’t worry about leaving your dryer on too long, either. All dryers come with a plug-in wall timer for automatic shut off. This will prevent your unit from wasting energy that could be put to use elsewhere in your building.



Williams Direct Dryers are designed to accommodate any type of clothing or equipment. Our dryers are used for a variety of commercial and athletic purposes, including:

  • Ski boots and gloves
  • Military clothing
  • Turnout gear
  • SCBA masks
  • Athletic cleats
  • Hockey equipment
  • Boxing gloves

In addition to our wide range of time-tested designs, we also offer custom work upon request. Ask how our team can customize a dryer to meet your needs!


Quiet Operation

Time and time again, we get customers who have made the switch to Williams Direct Dryers because they have had negative experiences with other companies. Among their chief complaints: loud machines! Our dryers are the quietest in the industry, operating in the mid-50 decibel range. This is comparable to operating a microwave or a dishwasher in the other room. That means your gear dries quickly – and you can enjoy a peaceful, uninterrupted conversation while they do.


Health Benefits

Williams Direct Dryers participated in a study by the Akron Children’s Hospital, which tested the effectiveness of our dryers. The results indicate that our dryers remove up to 99.95 percent of microbes when used as directed. That means fewer instances of unpleasant ailments, such as fungal infections. Our dryers also help eliminate odor, leaving your gear clean, dry and ready to use.



Our dryers have undergone rigorous testing to ensure complete safety and efficiency of use. Williams Direct Dryers have CSA certification for 110 and 220-volt units in North America. We also offer dryers with CE certification for 220 volts for sale in Europe and Southeast Asia. Soon our dryers will be available with C-TIC certification to be sold in Australia and New Zealand. We truly have a dryer for every project – no matter where you need it.


National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Compliance

Williams Direct Dryers is NFPA-compliant, which means our dryers are safe to use with the lifesaving gear worn by firefighters. These standards are used and accepted throughout the world.


The Williams Direct Dryers team is devoted to producing the best dryers on the market. Don’t wait to experience the benefits for yourself. Contact our team today and ask about dryers to fit your needs. We ship all over the world!