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The Invention Of The Bomb Disposal Suit Dryer/ME1

The invention of the Bomb Disposal Suit Dryer/ME1 – A couple of years ago, we were approached by MedEng to create a dryer specifically for bomb disposal suits. If you are not already aware, a bomb suit is a heavy suit of body armor designed to withstand the pressure released from a bomb and any projectiles the bomb may produce. The materials used to to make bomb suits protective, are thick layers of Kevlar, foam, armor plating and plastic. Bomb suits can weigh as much as 37 kg or more. The weight of the suit is a trade-off for the wearer’s protection.

Unfortunately, these protective suits do not release body heat generated by the wearer. In turn, the suit becomes a natural breeding ground for bacteria which leads to infections and often infectious diseases. Bacteria and surface molds can enter the body through cuts and abrasions, causing more severe infections. Some are aggressive, long-lasting and can expand into other areas of the body.

Due to the nature of the materials used in producing a bomb suit protective, the entire suit can not be exposed to water or any liquids. Most importantly, wet Kevlar compromises the integrity of the projectile-stopping fabric.


How does one clean the a Bomb Disposal Suit and keep the integrity of the suit’s materials?

Williams Direct Drying Patented Technology, in conjunction with researched cleaning nanotechology helps eliminates health risks caused by sweat, dampness, sweat, blood, dirt and mucus. By direct drying at a controlled temperature the suit’s lifespan is increased. In addition, there’s an increased comfort for the individual. By Direct Drying™ on a continuous basis, effectively eliminates microbe load and variety by effectively 100%.

Williams Direct Dryers, develops drying systems for global industries across multiple platforms. From ski chalets, mining, off-shore oil rigs, military bases and so on. We are the most trusted brand for drying systems around the world.

Written by: Shay Flores