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SportsDryer™ – Built For Professional Hockey Teams

As hockey season is upon us, hockey players are back on the ice and are striving to improve their game. The emphasis is achieving ultimate physical fitness through rigorous training and mental focus. Since hockey is both a mental and physically demanding game, they require proper care of their well-being and equipment without the unnecessary hassle. SportsDryer™ can help them accomplish both these goals with further benefits for the professional athlete.

SportsDryer™ by Williams Direct Dryers was specifically engineered for tough athletes. Made with welded aluminum then powder coated for durability. This high quality sports dryer is the prime leader in the competition.

Sports Dryer™ Delivers performance with a primary focus on:

1. Overall well-being: Helps eliminate odor
3. Maintains integrity of  equipment and gear: No damage caused to hockey gear
4. Disease prevention: Helps remove dangerous bacteria which can lead to deadly diseases

Overall well-being: SportsDryer™ ultimately helps eradicate stench and bacteria which causes odor from sweat and mucous*.  Any protective gear with direct contact to the skin, becomes a breeding ground for harmful and odor causing bacteria. Protective gear such as skates, shoulder pads, shin pads and elbow pads require a way to reduce their bacterial load, This can be done through Williams Direct Drying™Technology, as it will help remove foul odor. More importantly, the odor is indicative of a very large colony of bacteria that inhabits hockey gear. This is transferrable as a staph/fungal infection to the athlete.
*Must dry gear consistently with SportDryer™ to achieve best results. Must dry gear after each use.

Maintains integrity of equipment and gear; Prolongs protective gear and equipment. SportsDryer™ offers a two option setting; ambient drying or direct drying. Heated drying is regulated to a limited temperature to prevent damage to hockey gear. If gear is exposed to high heat it can damage the foams and plastics which make protective gear effective.

Disease prevention: SportsDryer™ helps eliminate microbes and contaminants which causes fungal, staph infections and MRSA a deadly disease (a serious strain of staph that is resistant to some antibiotics). Williams Direct Drying™ Technology helps eliminate harmful bacteria so the athlete can focus on the game.

Williams Direct Dryers delivers top-level athletes support by offering a quality dryer like no other in the market. The durability and comprehensive benefits make SportDryer™ a wise choice. Make SportsDryer™ a standard dryer for your hockey team.

Written by: Shay Flores