Prepare for the 2021 Ski Season With A Residential Ski Boot Dryer

Ski season is a dream with the convenience of a residential ski boot and glove dryer from Williams Direct Dryers. If you are an avid skier, you look forward to the upcoming ski season with a lot of anticipation. And the addition of a fast drying boot and/or glove dryer will make things a whole lot easier. Williams Direct Dryers uses gently warmed air or ambient air, selected with a flip of a switch, to safely and effectively dry your apparel.

As you begin your pre-season planning, and preparation you will be checking over your gear, moving things around for easy access, for the long awaited ski season. This involves waxing your skis before storing them, sharpening their edges, and ensuring your ski gear has a dedicated space for drying, so that it can be dried out correctly after each use. Our space saving ski boot and glove dryers get the job done!

Your ski gear must be completely dry after use since damp ski boots not only generate an unpleasant odor but also reduce the lifespan of your boots and risk your safety. When it comes to improving the comfort, smell, and durability of your ski boots and other gear, a residential ski boot dryer is an invaluable tool.

At Williams Direct Dryers, we’ve made ski gear dryers since 1989. We also manufacture commercial dryers, sports dryers, duty gear dryers, in-locker dryers, and food processing dryers. As you can see, we’ve had quite a bit of practice in perfecting our dryers. From ski gloves and helmet dryers to general ski dryers, we fully dry whatever ski equipment you have.

Now, let’s discuss all of the ways in which a residential ski boot dryer benefits you for the upcoming ski season.

The Benefits Of Having A Residential Ski Boot Dryer

Increased Comfort

When skiing, the last thing you want is to put your feet into damp, cold gloves or damp, cold ski boots. Having wet feet and hands before you’ve even hit the slopes destroys the fun and kills the mood. This is especially true if you’re at home where you slept in your own warm and cozy bed for the night.

When it comes to ensuring your ski boots and/or gloves are comfortable to wear, it’s imperative for the ski boot liner (the soft inner part of the ski boot) to be dry. Moisture on the liner not only feels unpleasant but increases the risk for ailments, such as frostbite, and bacteria and fungus to cross contaminate your skin while you are out skiing. Having your very own residential glove and ski boot dryer ensures your gloves and ski boot shell and liner are fully dry before your next ski session, so you maximize your enjoyment.

Decreased Bacteria & Odor

When ski boots aren’t appropriately dried, and moisture from sweat and snow accumulates, it quickly leads to unpleasant odors that your ski buddies will not appreciate. In addition, allowing bacteria and fungus to accumulate in your ski boots can also lead to conditions such as athlete’s foot. With regards to eliminating odors and bacteria from ski boots, our ski boot dryers are highly effective.

When our residential ski boot dryers are used, up to 99.95% of bacteria can be eliminated when dried between use. As a result, bacteria from your ski session won’t accumulate and cause unpleasant smells. Having ski boots fully dry from sweat and snow helps keep your boots smelling fresh and keep conditions such as athlete’s foot or more serious blood borne disease away.

Improved Lifespan of Ski Boots

Ski boots left to retain moisture break down at a faster rate than boots that are regularly dried off properly. With our dryers being so effective, you can preserve the condition of your boots and protect your investment --as ski boots can be quite expensive! 

Improving the lifespan of your boots goes beyond maintaining their look. If ski boots aren’t kept in good condition, their safety is compromised, which you don’t want. With a high-quality ski gear dryer from us, ski equipment is better protected from wear and tear and the potential for compromised safety is kept at bay.

Contact Us Today for Your Own Ski Gear Dryer

Whether you want a residential ski boot dryer, mitten dryers, hat and helmet dryers, we’ve got it all. Williams Direct Dryers makes dryers that are quiet, dry fast and dry safely, effective in eliminating bacteria, and come with a built-in energy management system. With the simple flip of a switch, you choose warm or ambient air to dry off your ski gear. Also, we create portable dryers so that you can take them anywhere!

To get your very own residential ski boot dryer or ski gear dryer, reach out to us here for a free consultation. One of our friendly staff will help you and answer any of your questions.