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Release of new EOD Suit Dryer (bomb disposal suit dryer)

Several months ago we were approached by Allen Vanguard to develop a dryer for the EOD suits they manufacture. Well, finally we are done! To say we were honored to complete this development would be an understatement. Engineering sought input from everyone in Williams Direct Dryers. The result is a dryer that we are extremely proud to manufacture.

The personnel that are trained for this occupation must have courage of incredible proportions and we are very excited to think that perhaps we can make this very difficult job just a little more comfortable, less fatiguing and a bit safer.

Dry gear safer, more comfortable, less fatiguing? Let me explain.

  1. SAFETY – It has been determined at the Army’s Edgewood Arsenal that the penetration resistance of Kevlar is degraded when wet.
  2. COMFORT – as moisture levels within the EOD Suit increase the balance of heat and humidity at skin level is disrupted.  At low levels of moisture the skin cools and begins to feel “clammy”.  Higher levels make you feel down right wet.  Both cases create discomfort.
  3. WEIGHT – at 62.4 pcf (1g/cc) water retained by the suit either from sweat or precipitation can increase the overall weight of the Suit by a significant percentage.  An increase in weight will accelerate the rate of fatigue experienced by the wearer.
  4. SANITATION – bacteria and fungi can thrive under three environmental factors: warmth, darkness, & moisture. Control of any single factor will have a dramatic impact on a pathogenic vector.
  5. CROSS CONTAMINATION – help reduce cross contamination via an EOD Suit (e.g. blood born pathogens) (see previous).
  6. ODOR – “locker room” odor is caused by dead and decaying microbes. Regularly dried gear reduces the occurrence of “locker room” odor.
  7. CLEANLINESS – regular garment maintenance by cleaning is impractical without a commensurate ability to dry.
WDD EOD Suit Dryer Readied for Drying and Storage

The link to our You Tube video on the dryer is

Des Mayne