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Proud Owner of 4 New Boot Dryers!

About 1 & 1/2 years ago Mr. Eric Western, Senior Maintenance Planner of the Newlands Underground Operations of Xstrata-Newland Coal Pty Ltd, purchased a W30E for trial. Since his initial trial purchase he bought four additional W30E dryers!  Mr. Western was kind enough to send us his thoughts on Williams Direct Dryers and has allowed us to share his story (below) as a testimonial of Williams Direct Dryers efficacy and cost saving.


“I am now the proud owner of 4 new Boot dryers!!!  An interesting point… yesterday, I was speaking to three underground miners and unsolicited, they spoke highly of the Williams Direct Dryers Model W30 that we currently have in operation. They claimed they had to go in a wet area to reset some pumps where the water was up to their waist and obviously their boots were absolutely soaking wet and full of water.  On leaving at the end of shift, they poured the water from their boots and sat them on the dryer (no heater, ambient air only at say 5 degrees C) and went home until their next shift, which was approximately 12 hours later. On arriving for their shift the next day, they were delighted that their boots were dry and were then keen to let me know how good it worked. 


Just thought you may like this story.


This sort of performance will allow us to restrict the number of boots being issued to an employee to no more than 2, as he will be able to wear one and dry one rather than just throw away the wet ones. At up to $360 a time you can see that I will be able to pay for these dryers in under a year.”