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MRSA Outbreak Prevention – Williams Direct Dryers Eliminates Bacteria Causing Staph Infections

Lately, there’s been some buzz about MRSA hitting the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team. What is MRSA? Can it be prevented?

Our Williams Direct Drying Systems can prevent infectious diseases such as MRSA. When sporting gear, ( i.e. helmets, cleats, gloves, shoes, and various footwear, etc.) becomes damp due to sweat and mucus; bacterial build-up begins. This can hugely affect athletes participating in contact sports. Even the healthiest of individuals can contract MRSA through cuts, abrasions and by skin-to-skin contact. MRSA often begins as a painful boil and may lead to infections that may affect the bloodstream, lungs, heart, bones and joints.

How can MRSA be prevented?
Help prevent bacterial build-up by keeping your sporting gear dry. Williams Direct Dryers engineer drying systems, specifically for serious athletes. Designed and developed with the help of the Vancouver Whitecaps FC club and the Surrey Eagle Hockey Team, we are proud to offer SportsDryer™.  SportsDryer™ uses Direct Drying Technology™ which reduces microbe loads by effectively 100% (based on continuous usage)

Major Benefits of drying your team’s sporting gear using SportsDryer™
– Increased lifespan of gear – Help keep your gear like new
– Increased comfort for the individual – Wear your gear confidently
– Safely dries all styles of natural and synthetic fabrics – Help maintain the integrity of your gear
– Decreased smell of foul odours in sporting equipment and sporting gear – No more embarrassing and atrocious smells
-Help eliminate disease causing bacteria that can transfer to the athlete.

With continued use of SportsDryer™ you can be satisfied that your athletes can play hard, sweat hard and ultimately be healthy.

Written by: Shay Flores