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Life-Threatening Bacteria Lurks In Your Sports Gear – Learn To Protect Yourself

Sports Safety:

Health matters in the world of sports. Your level of health determines whether you get to the next round or continue onto the playoffs. Its the determining factor in your sports endeavors and your overall well-being. Anyone who engages in any contact sports is susceptible to cuts and abrasions. Insidious bacteria lurks everywhere. Open wounds allow disease causing bacteria to seep into the bloodstream, overwhelming the body’s defense mechanism.

Infectious diseases are the leading cause of death and illness worldwide!*
Did you know… Disease causing bacteria are found in sports equipment such as goalie gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, and all types of footwear including boots. The small crevices in your sports equipment carry microbial loads and when infused with sweat & mucous the environment can become home to lethal diseases such as MRSA (a strain of staph bacteria prevalent in the sports industry).

An effective way to reduce the risk of infectious diseases and fungi associated with sports is something quite simple. Moisture removal is most successful at health maintenance and keeping dangerous bacteria and fungi at bay. The answer to protecting yourself, family and teammates from infectious diseases is to: keep your gear dry.

Williams Direct Dryers knows that Keeping Dry, Keeps You Healthy. Our Direct Drying Technology (TM) ensures effective drying reducing the microbial load by 100% when used on a continuous basis (Based on an independent study by the Akron Children’s Hospital). For further information, read: http://www.bootdryer.com/pages/case-study

Always choose safety first when it comes to team or individual sports. Williams Direct Dryers has been in the game for over twenty years. You can count on us to help remove locker rooms smells, keep your gear lasting longer, and helping to provide the last line of defense from lethal diseases such as MRSA. Help prevent the spread of infectious diseases amongst your teammates, friends and family. Dry your gear with Williams Direct Dryers!

* according to WorkSafeBC.