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In2ski Opens in January 2014; Australia’s Premier Ski Slope Simulator Facility

Imagine a world where you can ski and snowboard year round. Sounds too good to be perfect? Well, there is a magical place that actually exists. Therein the land of down under, you can improve your snow skills no matter what the outside weather elements may present.

In2ski is Australia’s premier ski slope simulator facility. Opening in January 2014 they are Sydney’s most anticipated indoor fitness centre. A unique concept of skiing and snowboarding indoors, all year round. It is open to all skill levels, and offers A.P.S.I. (Australian Professional Snowsport Instructors) qualified indoor ski slope instructors.

In2ski Benefits
• Accelerated development; Learn to ski & snowboard faster than outdoors
• Qualified Instructors; min. Level 2 A.P.S.I.
• No bulky snowsuits needed
• Ski or snowboard anytime of the year
• Improve skill level and fitness level.

The folks from In2ski contacted Williams Direct Dryers to discuss their drying needs. Due to the high expectancy of visitors, they wanted to provide clean, dry, and sanitized ski boots for their guests. WDD were able to address the concerns in2ski had about care, and maintenance of WDD drying systems. WDD further noted that Akron Children’s Hospital did an independent study based on the use of WDD drying systems which significantly reduces bacterial load. In addition, with continual use of any Williams Drying Systems, odors, and/or bacterial & fungal issues will be resolved. WDD is the best preventative measure for foul odors caused by bacteria.

Globally, Williams Direct Dryers has been the leading ski boots drying system provider for ski resorts and chalets. Having over 25 years experience in boot drying – Williams know how to dry.

WDD was glad to satisfy the drying needs of In2ski. Should you have any questions or comments about Williams Direct Dryers, please call toll free from anywhere in North America 1.866.534.4696


WDD bestows best of luck to In2ski’s latest facility in Sydney.


In2ski is in proud partnership with SilverStar Mountain, located in British Columbia, Canada.



Written by: Shay Flores