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Eliminate Harmful Microbe Loads by 100% With Food Safety Series Dryers

Williams Direct Dryers has the solution to help serve the food safety needs of the food production and food processing industry!


Today’s food companies are seeking out new methods of microbial control and eradication. Williams Direct Dryers is an added food safety measure; is chemical-free, significantly reducing exposure to high-risk disease causing bacteria. At Williams Direct Dryers, we’ve recently developed and designed dryers specifically for the Food Processing and Production Industry: Food Safety Series Dryers


Our Food Safety Solution

One of the major concerns when handling poultry or meat is cross-contamination. In the fight to help eliminate the transference of dangerous bacteria from out plant to in plant locations workers’ boots are an often overlooked vector. Footwear can be a source of infectious bacteria therefor we believe there is an urgency to utilize our dryers at all food manufacturing and processing facilities. Based on an independent study at the Akron Children’s Hospital: with continuous usage of Williams Direct Dryers – our dryers reduce microbe loads effectively by 100% in the apparel.


Williams Direct Dryers Food Safety Series features & benefits: 

– Help eliminate in-plant and out-plant cross-contamination from workers’ boots when used in conduction with the Hygiene Gate concept

– Safely disinfect the outside of workers’ boots; as per safety standard protocol while on the dryer

– Direct Drying Technology™ reduces microbe loads by effectively 100% (based on continuous usage between wearing)

– Made with 304 stainless

– Wash down friendly; allows for interior/exterior self-draining


About Williams Direct Dryers

For over 25 years, Williams Direct Dryers have been inventing and building drying systems for global industries across multiple platforms. From ski chalets, mining, off-shore oil rigs, military bases, fire services and more. Our dryers specialize in safely drying all types of boots, gloves and PPE gear. We are the most trusted brand for drying systems around the world. We provide only the highest quality, in workmanship and materials.

Please visit our Food Safety Dryer Series:  http://www.bootdryer.com/collections/food-processing-and-production

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