Electric Air Dryers Make Drying Apparel Quick And Easy

From work boots to ski wear to cold water rescue suits and beyond, there are certain types of apparel that have a predisposition to getting wet. Furthermore, items such as these don't let themselves to being dried by tumble style dryers. The trick is in finding clothes dryers and boot dryers that were created for the very purpose of drying just such apparel, and luckily there is just such a solution: residential and commercial direct air dryers from Williams Direct Dryers™.

Our electric wall mount and portable dryers set the standard because they use forced warm air, the most effective form of drying there is. Warm air holds more vapor than cold air, enhancing the rate of drying our electric dryers provide. And because these machines can operate equally in cooler conditions there is no end to the people and industries that can use them. In addition, nearly all of our dryers offer the option of warm or ambient forced air drying at the flick of a switch.

Our boot dryers are hand made from welded metal construction and feature a powder coated finish. Williams Direct Dryers™ are the only dryers that use technology that dries from the toughest part of the boot to dry, the toe, backward. Also, our dryers do not inject a disinfectant into the fabric. Ozone is commonly used for this purpose but is both a pollutant and harmful to humans and corrosive to fabric.

From private residences to ski resorts, and 5-star hotels to NASA, the United State and Canadian military, law enforcement and fire and rescue services, the list of those who depend on our direct air dryers is impressive indeed. The greatest tribute to their effectiveness is the fact that professionals who depend on their gear in life threatening situations also depend on our dryers. In fact our dryers are used worldwide to dry personal protective equipment in an NFPA friendly way.

Why? Because wet gear is a health issue plain and simple. Under certain conditions wet turnout gear can result in steam burns, while wet cold water rescue suits have been known to cause blood-born infections. Other serious medical problems have also been attributed to wetness in boots and clothing, making optimum and timely drying not only a matter of comfort but also of common sense.

Ski boots, work boots, hazmat suits, SCBA facepieces, cold water rescue suits... there is literally no end to the types of apparel our residential, commercial, in-locker, and duty gear dryers can dry in a timely fashion. Make certain your gear is dry, comfortable, and safe to wear every time. Depend on the winning combination of warm forced air and the dryer company that brought electric air dryers to the industry: Williams Direct Dryers™.