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Dry with Confidence in Small Spaces: In-Locker Dryers

Williams Direct Dryers specializes in, In-locker Dryers (locker room dryers/enclosed drying systems). WDD in-locker dryers delivers forced air drying inside lockers to dry all types of footwear safely and securely. Transform and enhance restrictive spaces with the help of Williams Direct Dryers In-Locker Drying Systems.

Many facilities require drying custom and protective footwear. WDD has an exclusive program pertaining to specialized drying in enclosed spaces. Ski facilities, mines are just a few examples of industries that have benefitted from Williams Direct Dryers, in-locker drying systems.

In-locker Dryer Benefits:
– Utilize space more efficiently; Maximizes use of space
– Keep organized while simultaneously keeping footwear dry
– Turn limited spaces into functional spaces
– Extend the life of footwear
– Help prevent spread of bacteria and fungus to your guests or employees
– Secure your footwear in a lockable space while they dry

Contact Williams Direct Dryers and we’ll discuss the suitability of in-locker dryers for your facility: whether a private club, fitness club, or golf clubhouse, locker room, mine, remote camp, we can do it all. Choose between our Century System for large installations to our A series (shown) for smaller locker rooms. Typically the cost of these long life systems are less than the price of the articles they dry!