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Cavalia’s Odysseo Selects WDD as their Dryer of Choice

Cavalia’s Odysseo Selects WDD as their Dryer of Choice


Equestrianism meets the performing arts at Cavalia’s Odysseo. An impressive show, illustrating the relationship and unique bond between horses and humans. This show honors the flair and elegance of horses, presenting human feat and horse adeptness. The quality of performance is hands down outstanding. Whatever the mind can conceive, it can achieve, which alludes to the creative ingenuity of Normand Latourelle, the Artistic Director of Odysseo.


The show fascinates the audience with stunning acrobatic skills displayed on an aerial-silk-acrobatic balances and ‘trick’ riding on the horses. As well features, a Guinean troupe of acrobats displaying admirable feats of human strength. Without question, this is athleticism at its best. Purposefully well-thought out, the show encourages the eyes to feast on the visual artistry presented by both horse and humans.


Cavalia’s Odysseo captivates audiences under a 38 metre tall White Big Top tent. The stage (1,393 square metres) is on elevated terrain, containing 10,000 tons of earth. High tech theatrical effects include, larger than life carousel and projected landscapes detailing the African Savannah, Mongolia and Easter Islands, (just to name a few). All of which were designed, to deceive the viewer’s eyes and lead them into radiant enchantment.


Fun Fact About Cavalia’s Odysseo:

• Features 63 horses

• 47 artists / performers

• 13 horse breeds


With a large production composed of the world’s finest performing artists, horse trainers and creative team; Cavalia demands the highest standards. Their commitment to excellence is expressed by pushing the limits of live entertainment. Only the best of the best is the motto of Cavalia. They have an outstanding set design, live music and arrangement, visual concept, lightening design, hair & costume design, and equestrian direction & choreography. Williams Direct Dryers were chosen by Cavalia to dry an abundant selection of riding shoes. The performers at Cavalia set out to find a non-tumble style dryer that could meet their standards of outstanding quality, portability and performance. They requested a dryer that could house up to 72 pairs of riding shoes/boots, without causing any damage to the shoes’ leather uppers. It was important to acquire a portable dryer as they would be travelling to select major cities across North America. In addition, a dryer that offers consistent thorough drying, after each performance and training day. They asked for it… we delivered it. Williams Direct Dryers can dry just about anything.

Written by: Shay Flores