A Shoe Dryer System Designed for Sports & Athletics is an Essential Part of Any Locker Room

At Williams Direct Dryers, we provide locker rooms worldwide with sports shoe dryer systems that can help safely dry wet athletic shoes as well as help prevent unpleasant locker room odors. Our direct dryers are incredibly innovative appliances with single machines available in a 9 pair, 18 pair, or 36 pair, portable or wall mount configuration. They are also easy to use, remarkably durable, and aesthetically pleasing. You can help provide your athletes with safer, cleaner, and drier footwear by equipping your locker rooms with our first-rate shoe dryers.

Addressing the Need for Dry Athletic Shoes

Like any other piece of clothing or sports equipment, athletic shoes get wet – either from the weather, sweat, or cleanings. Cleats that are cleaned or washed off after being worn on wet or muddy fields are often soaking wet! Fortunately, a good cleaning and drying can help a pair of shoes last longer and look better.

Sadly, wet or even damp shoes can encourage bacterial growth and be unsafe for athletes to wear. That is why drying is so important! But air drying is ineffective, and tumble drying can damage athletic shoes. Thankfully, at Williams Direct Dryers, our direct drying shoe dryer systems can effectively dry shoes from the inside out to help prevent bacterial growth without damaging the apparel.

Sports Shoe Dryer Systems From Williams Direct Dryers

To address the needs of locker rooms for field hockey teams, soccer teams, lacrosse teams, track & field teams, and other sports around the globe, the team from Williams Direct Dryers specially engineered a shoe drying system specifically for athletic shoes. Not only does this system efficiently and effectively dry athletic shoes, but it is also easy to use, durable, and aesthetically appealing. Details on these benefits include:

Easy to Use

Our sports shoe dryers are incredibly easy to use. Athletes simply need to place each of their shoes upside down on a shoe form drying post, select warmed or ambient air, and then switch it on. There is no overabundance of buttons and overly complicated settings. Instead, it is as easy as placing the shoes and flicking a switch!


Athletic equipment often experiences significant wear and tear. That is why most of the equipment in gyms and locker rooms is built to last. Fortunately, our shoe dryers are also built to be incredibly durable. They are produced from welded steel and powder coated, giving them the toughness necessary to stand up to consistent use as well as general wear and tear.

Aesthetically Appealing

The looks and style of your athletic facility are important, even in the locker rooms. So no matter what sports your facility serves, our sports shoe dryers are aesthetically appealing. Their sleek design compliments locker rooms and other athletic spaces and does not distract. To help fit in nearly any space, our shoe dryers are available in both a white and black finish.

Benefits of Equipping a Sports Shoe Dryer System in Your Locker Room

Adding a shoe dryer to your locker room for soccer teams, field hockey teams, lacrosse teams, and track & field athletes can provide your athletic facility, the athletes, and their shoes with several compelling benefits. These benefits include:

  • Cleaner, drier shoes for athletes
  • Longer-lasting athletic shoes
  • Athletics shoes with up to a 99.95% reduction in bacteria microbes when dried between uses
  • Safer shoes due to a lower risk of developing athlete’s foot
  • Less unpleasant locker room smells by helping eliminate wet shoes

Contact Our Team to Learn More About Shoe Dryers

Sports shoe dryer systems from Williams Direct Dryers help provide athletes on soccer teams, field hockey teams, lacrosse teams, and track & field teams with dry shoes. By providing athletes with an efficient, durable, and easy-to-use system for drying their wet shoes, athletic facilities can help eliminate unpleasant locker room odors and keep athletes safer from wet shoe-related issues like athlete’s foot. Contact our team today to learn more about what our sports shoe dryers can do for you and your facility!