W36CJ | Wall mounted 36 pr cleat dryer (72 cleats TOTAL)

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Model W36CJ

Our top-performing cleat dryers keep athletes on the field performing their best


  • Pro team favorite; fast, safe drying
  • Proven to help eliminate odor and bacteria in the apparel
  • Streams warm or room temperature air
  • Cleat specific drying arms and shoe forms
Series: Sports/Shoe





Description: 36 pair cleat dryer with shoe form, floor supported, wall attached
Dimensions (in): 48” wide x 19” deep x 84” high (1520 x 480 x 2130)
Wt (lbs): 190
Volts: 110V 12A; 220V 6A
Amps: 12 (on warmed air cycle); 1 on ambient air cycle
Watts of Heat: 1,550

  • Selector for ambient temperature air or warmed air drying
  • Wall secured, floor supported
  • 3 way energy management switch & 24 hour wall timer
  • 7' grounded, 3 prong cord
  • Welded metal construction, powder coated for added durability
  • 5 year warranty
  • CSA safety certified for NA, C-Tick Aus, CE Europe
  • Every dryer built by Williams Direct Dryers in North America