Wader Boot Dryers

Let us provide you with warm, dry and clean boots with our portable dryers!

Dry your wader boots in a few hours with a Williams Direct Boot Dryer. We know the value of having warm and dry feet, which is why we offer both portable and wall-mounted drying models for every application. Our boot dryers are available to both commercial and residential customers. Our commercial dryers allow you to dry up to 60 pairs of boots of any combination and are ideal for any commercial operation. They have an optimized design that allows them to be mounted almost anywhere using minimal space, including existing lockers.

We have a wide variety of high-quality boot dryers with over 50 different styles that are ideal for anyone who skis, hunts, fishes, runs, golfs, works outdoors, or anyone who does activities that leave them with wet feet. Our warmed and ambient air dryers have set the standard for our industry by providing efficient drying technologies that are perfect for a wide variety of footwear. Our portable drying units are lightweight and compact, combining the simplicity of convection drying with the convenience of portability.

No one enjoys putting on wet footwear. Putting on wet boots not only makes the wearer cringe but it also increases their risk of catching a cold. Wet wading boots can ruin even the best of fishing days and mildew and bacteria thrive on moisture. Even if your waders are breathable or you only wear them once a week or month, there is moisture build-up in the interior that collects dust, dirt and fabric from clothing, all of which creates a perfect breeding ground for mold/mildew. Boots cannot dry adequately on their own, hence the need to use our heated boot dryers that distribute warm air within the boot in a non-abrasive and energy-efficient manner.

Our drying systems offer quick, quiet drying of footwear and remove contaminants such as mold and disease-causing bacteria that can irritate the skin or cause infections. Keeping your boots dry will also reduce odor, increase comfort, maintain them in good shape, and even extend their life, saving you money in the long run. Besides the mentioned benefits, our boot dryers are available in a variety of options that include:

  • Electric boot dryers
  • Commercial and residential dryers
  • In-locker dryers
  • Wet weather gear dryers
  • Duty gear dryers

After a busy day of skiing, fishing or working outdoors, use a boot dryer to get your favorite boots ready for yet another exciting day. All you need to do is to plug in the dryer and place your wader boots in it for the night and rest assured that you will find them perfectly dry in the morning.

Extend the lifespan of your expensive gear with Williams Direct Dryers and eliminate the hassles of drying your wet boots. Contact us today to get your boot dryer.