16-Pair Commercial Wall Mount Boot & Glove Dryer - W16/16 (Dries 32 Boots & 32 Gloves)

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The W1616, a 16-pair commercial wall-mounted boot and glove dryer that dries up to 32 boots and 32 gloves in one go. With a powerful 1550 Watts heater and 490 CFM blower, this dryer features 32 drying arms to ensure efficient drying in about an hour, depending on the wetness, humidity, air temperature, and elevation.

Equipped with an energy management switch that allows you to choose between ambient air drying or warmed air drying, and a wall timer for convenience, the W1616 is designed to meet your specific drying needs. Additionally, the dryer can be customized with palm expanders for the glove drying arms, which more effectively dry the fingers of soft-shelled gloves.

This commercial-grade dryer is wall-mounted and floor-supported, with dimensions of 48" x 20" x 82" and a weight of 145 lbs. It comes with a nominal 7.5' cord and grounded plug, and is available in both 120V and 240V options to suit your electrical requirements.

The W1616 is constructed with sturdy 16-gauge steel, and comes with a sleek, powder-coated white finish. With its superior performance and customizable options, the W1616 is the perfect solution for facilities that need to dry a large number of boots and gloves quickly and efficiently.

Description: Wall mounted 16 pair combination boot & Glove dryer
Dimensions: 48" x 20" x 82"
Weight: 145 lbs
Volts: 120V (also available in 240V)
Amps: 12A
Heater: 1550 Watts
Blower: 490 cfm
Notes: Machine is floor supported and attached at the wall. 3 way energy management switch and wall timer nominal 7.5’ cord c/w grounded cord and plug in wall timer. Also available with "palm expanders" at an additional cost.
Features:  Our energy management switch allows you to select either warmed air or ambient air drying. Wall mounted, timer included. Adding palm expanders to the glove drying arms more effectively dry the fingers of soft shelled gloves. When palm expanders are added this dryer is called the W16/16P.