Heated Boot Dryers for Your Lifestyle

Snow Sport, Athletic, & Work Boot Dryers

Our forced air electric boot dryers are your solution to get dry gear – fast! Williams Direct Dryers offers both portable and wall mounted drying models for your convenience. Choose from warm or ambient air at the flick of a switch. Ski boots, scuba wetsuits, work boots, snowboard boots, and more are dry and ready to use in no time with our comprehensive drying system.

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We offer more than 50 different residential and commercial items so you can find the perfect heated boot dryers for your life. Our boot dryer options include:

1. Electric boot dryers
2. Commercial and residential dryers
3. In-locker dryers
4. Wet weather gear dryers
4. Duty gear dryers

Our forced-air dryers are used and trusted by some of the most prestigious commercial and government establishments including the United States and Canadian military. When they need uniforms, gloves or work boots to dry quickly, Williams Direct Dryers can be trusted for innovative solutions. There is nothing we can't dry!

Williams Direct Dryers is the only company in the industry with a hospital-backed study proving the effectiveness of their dryers in removal of disease-causing bacteria. Our commitment to dry gear is about more than just your comfort: it's about your health.

Since 1989, Williams Direct Dryers has offered the finest in wall mounted and portable boot and glove dryers. Today, we offer those products to you. It's time to give yourself the gift of dry, hygienic gear with our industry-leading heated boot dryers. Call (866) 534-4696 today to learn more about which dryer is right for you.