24-Pair Commercial Wall Mount Boot Dryer - W24 (Dries 48 Boots)

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The W24 - a wall-mounted commercial boot dryer that is perfect for drying up to 24 pairs of boots in a snap. Its sleek design saves valuable floor space, making it ideal for various facilities.

Constructed with durable materials, this boot dryer is built to last. The W24 features a powerful 1250-watt heater and a 390 CFM blower that works together to efficiently dry boots in just a matter of hours. Plus, its 3-way energy management switch allows you to choose between ambient air drying or warmed air to suit your drying needs.

Measuring 48" x 20" x 80" and weighing 135 lbs, the W24 is floor supported and attached to the wall, ensuring stability during operation. The dryer comes with a nominal 7.5’ cord c/w grounded cord and plug in wall timer, making it easy to set up and use right away.

The W24 is available in both 120V and 240V options to suit your electrical requirements. With its wall mount feature and timer included, this boot dryer is perfect for facilities that need to dry a large number of boots quickly and efficiently

Description: Wall Mounted 24 pair boot dryer
Dimensions: 48" x 20" x 80"
Weight: 135 lbs
Volts: 120V (also available in 240V)
Amps: 10A
Heater: 1250 Watts
Blower: 390 cfm
Notes: Floor supported, wall mounted. 3 way energy management switch, nominal 7.5’ cord c/w grounded cord and plug in wall timer.
Features: Our energy management switch allows you to select either warmed air or ambient air drying. Wall mount, timer included.