Ski Boot Dryers

Our portable dryers can dry your boots quickly, getting you back on the slopes by the time you finish your hot chocolate!

ski bootsWhen you go out on the slopes, it’s important to take good care of your equipment. After all, your gear protects you while you’re skiing, but when you come back from the slopes, isn’t it a good idea to protect your gear in turn? We certainly think so, and our ski boot dryers are just the thing to keep your footwear dry and clean for your next skiing trip.

At Williams Direct Dryers, we provide the best sports equipment dryers in the industry in a number of styles and sizes as well as residential and commercial models. We even have the option for portable ski boot dryers that weigh a mere 27 pounds while still providing enough room to dry eight pairs of boots! Our portable dryers work fast and dry your gear quickly, meaning you can take a break to get warm inside and have warm, dry boots by the time you’re ready to get back out there!

Our ski boot dryers give you the option to switch between ambient air and warmed air drying with the flip of a switch, and the warmed air is perfect for drying your apparel without damaging it. The Akron Children’s Hospital recently performed a study that showed a 99.95% percent reduction in bacteria when our athletic equipment dryers were used between the donning of the apparel. Our quick-drying process fights odor-causing bacteria, as well as the moist environment, that can cause fungus such as athlete’s foot. Our ski boot dryers protect more than just your equipment; they protect your health, too!

Williams Direct Dryers are a favorite among some of the most prestigious establishments, including the Canadian and United States military. Our equipment can always be counted on to quickly dry gloves, boots, uniforms, and anything else that needs to be completely dry and fast!

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