WDD’s Oil Sands Trade Show Experience 2015

Williams Direct Dryers recently exhibited at the Oil Sands Show in Fort McMurray. Over the years, in Fort Mac and its vicinity, Williams Direct Dryers have gained a terrific following and fantastic support. Mostly in the boot drying side but other models, such as our respirator dryers, are proving to be vital components in helping maintain workplace safety and comfort. Just in case you were not aware, Fort McMurray is home to the Alberta Oil Sands. Out of this area over 2 million barrels of oil per day are sent to market. In 2012, approximately 121,500 people were employed in Alberta’s upstream energy sector, which includes oil sands, conventional oil and gas, and mining. Alberta’s Oil Sands: Economic Benefits (http://oilsands.alberta.ca/economicinvestment.html)

The weather was great; sunny and cool in the mornings but near T-shirt weather by the afternoon. Most of the buildings seemed new with constant construction visible everywhere. The show this year was considerably smaller than last year when I attended. The low oil price has prompted most to evaluate the expense side of their business it seems.

While at the Oil Sands Trade show, it was really nice to speak with some of our customers and soon to be customers. Comments of, “We have them, they’re great!” or “You know I love your tagline of “providing solutions you didn’t think existed.” It’s really true!” were terrific to hear. A fellow exhibitor commented that he had to come over and see what we were up to as people stopping by his booth kept talking about the dryers as terrific examples of innovation and out of the box design. I wish we could have taken up the entire Williams Direct Dryers staff. Affirmations like these would have shown everyone in Williams Direct Dryers that, in their work, they are making positive differences in people’s lives.

For our display models, we shipped up a brand new Williams Direct Dryers model P24E, a residential W4/4 and an in-locker dryer. The P24E, a 24 pair, portable boot dryer with extended boot arms, stayed in the Fort Mac area; purchased by CNRL. As for the W4/4, 4 pair boot and 4 pair glove dryer, it will start its new life in a transportable, remote location, drying room. While at the show we concentrated on the industrial applications but Jeanine of Williams commented that she wished she had a dollar for every person that said they sure needed one for their home.

As an aside, at the end of the show, our customer sent a transport company, Mcmurray Serv U, to pick up the P24E and deliver it to their operation. Robert was the driver. Great guy to work with and after speaking with his dispatch and listening to my concerns, changed vehicles and brought a 5 ton panel truck with tailgate to pick up the assembled dryer. Robert was a very humble young guy that took direction really well on how best to secure for truck transport a fully assembled portable Williams Direct Dryer. Thanks Robert, I knew it was in good hands after that!

One of the best meetings while at the show was with an ex Kiewit employee; Wade DeSmoker. Wade was instrumental in bringing Williams Direct Dryers into the mining sector of Kiewit’s major projects across Canada. DeSmoker works now for Heavy North; a key player in the Alberta heavy construction sector. He commented about Williams Direct Dryers efficacy and phenomenal build quality that resulted in ultra tough, ultra long life machines; necessary in the remote locations they serve.

Thanks Fort McMurray and the Oil Sands Show for your terrific hospitality!


Written by:  Des Mayne

Akron Children’s Hospital Case Study: Bacteria & Effective Drying

Akron Children’s Hospital is the largest pediatric health care provider of Northeast Ohio, USA. Well over 800,000 patients visit Akron’s Children’s Hospital, providing pediatric care in 78 locations. Their full range of services includes trauma and intensive care to treatment of rare diseases and serious childhood disorders. The main campus is located downtown with facilities specializing in genetics, fetal treatment, cancer, blood disorders, palliative care, orthopedics, pediatric trauma, pediatric intensive care and others. Overall, Akron Children’s Hospital is a leader in the field of pediatric health care and continuously set standards for all health care facilities.

Transporting patient to another Akron Children's facility. Photo credit: Akron Children's Hospital
Photo credit: Akron Children’s Hospital

One of Akron Children’s well-known services includes helicopter transport for critically ill or injured newborns, infants, children/adult burn patients from other facilities to Akron Children’s. As part of their kid-friendly initiative, they have dubbed their pediatric-dedicated transport helicopter as Air Bear ®. The transport team consists of skilled and experienced transport nurses, respiratory therapists and transport paramedics whose primary focus is to evaluate, prep. and transport patients. In 2010, 536 helicopter transports were performed by Air Bear ®; that’s approximately 45 transports per month.

Air Bear ® on flight.
Photo credit: Akron Children’s Hospital

This high call volume aroused the curiosity of transport nurse Jayme Wiggins RN, BSN, NREMT-B to launch an independent investigation based on the use of helicopter flight helmets used by the Air Bear crew and the degree of disease causing bacteria present. Akron Children’s Hospital contacted Williams Direct Dryers ™ on their own accord. They proposed an idea to WDD to design a drying system that could dry helicopter flight helmets and consequently reduce the presence of disease causing bacteria. Williams Direct Dryers went forward and built a flight helmet specific dryer.  An independent case study was then initiated by Akron Children’s to evaluate the type and quantity of bacteria growing within flight helmets and the efficacy of the helmet cleaning program. The qualitative/quantitative case study conducted by Akron Children’s Hospital found a series of 9 varieties of potentially lethal microbes populating flight helmets. These microbes were highly capable of causing a significant variety of human diseases.

Two procedures were studied for their effectiveness in bacterial control: 1) washing/Direct Drying per manufacturer’s recommendations and 2) Just Direct Drying™ continuously between use. The duration of this study was for a 13-month period.

Akron Children’s Hospital report conclusions presented the following:

• Washing and drying flight helmets with a Williams Direct Dryers per the helmet manufacturer’s recommendations reduces the microbe load by 77%. However this still left significant number of dangerous microbial varieties present in the flight helmets.

• Next, Akron needed a control. They let the flight helmets build up to the pre-wash/dry level of bacteria then only Direct Dried with a Williams Direct Dryer on a continuous basis between sorties. What they found was remarkable. Direct drying continuously between use effectively eliminated 99.95% of the microbe load in the flight helmets.

What is Direct Drying™?

Williams direct drying delivers air first to the furthest and hardest part of the garment to dry.  This makes it possible to help dry equipment gear completely, safely, and efficiently. Moreover, Williams Direct Dryers developed an effective drying technology that balances the need for warmth without the prospect of overheating fabric as it is designed to deliver warmed air at 10-15F/6-8C above room temperature.

Direct Drying™ can efficiently dry all types of natural and synthetic fabrics without causing damage or deterioration. Direct Drying™ increases the lifespan of gear. More importantly, offensive odors and disease causing bacteria are minimized with the ongoing, continual use of Williams Direct Drying systems as outlined in the Akron Children’s Hospital study.

From an Akron Children’s Hospital persective, Akron Children’s Hospital decided to ensure best practices for Air Bear ® and adopted the Williams Direct Dryers model H12 Drying System as part of their helicopter infection control protocol.

To view the report, see here: https://bit.ly/2sG6uIT

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Life-Threatening Bacteria Lurks In Your Sports Gear – Learn To Protect Yourself

Sports Safety:

Health matters in the world of sports. Your level of health determines whether you get to the next round or continue onto the playoffs. Its the determining factor in your sports endeavours and your overall well-being. Anyone who engages in any contact sports is susceptible to cuts and abrasions. Insidious bacteria lurks everywhere. Open wounds allow disease causing bacteria to seep into the bloodstream, overwhelming the body’s defense mechanism.

Infectious diseases are the leading cause of death and illness worldwide!*
Did you know… Disease causing bacteria are found in sports equipment such as goalie gloves, elbow pads, shoulder pads, and all types of footwear including boots. The small crevices in your sports equipment carry microbial loads and when infused with sweat & mucous the environment can become home to lethal diseases such as MRSA (a strain of staph bacteria prevalent in the sports industry).

An effective way to reduce the risk of infectious diseases and fungi associated with sports is something quite simple. Moisture removal is most successful at health maintenance and keeping dangerous bacteria and fungi at bay. The answer to protecting yourself, family and teammates from infectious diseases is to: keep your gear dry.

Williams Direct Dryers knows that Keeping Dry, Keeps You Healthy. Our Direct Drying Technology (TM) ensures effective drying reducing the microbial load by 99.95% when used on a continuous basis (Based on an independent study by the Akron Children’s Hospital). For further information, read: http://www.bootdryer.com/pages/case-study

Always choose safety first when it comes to team or individual sports. Williams Direct Dryers has been in the game for over twenty years. You can count on us to help remove locker rooms smells, keep your gear lasting longer, and helping to provide the last line of defense from lethal diseases such as MRSA. Help prevent the spread of infectious diseases amongst your teammates, friends and family. Dry your gear with Williams Direct Dryers!

* according to WorkSafeBC.

SportsDryer™ Portable Dryer: Essential for Sports

 Summer is now here. The beautiful sunshine calls for an active outdoor lifestyle. Be it running, baseball, basketball, or soccer –  the activities are endless. Whatever sport you choose to play in the sun, our dryers can help you achieve comfort,  gain odor-free status and ultimately keep you healthy.
Williams Direct Dryers developed a drying system for teams, for people on the go. The fully transportable dryer is lightweight weighing only 29lbs. The SportsDryer™ Transportable is *easy to assemble – just under a minute. It comes with a durable nylon bag, so you can carry it with ease to the next sporting venue.

The SportsDryer™ will dry 8 pairs of just about anything; cleats, gloves, shin pads, jerseys, hiking boots, you name it. Continually drying between use keeps items odour free, bacteria and fungal free and prolongs the life of your gear.

*Watch our Youtube video:  Ian Groskleg (Surrey Eagles Hockey Team) easily dismantles SportsDryer™ transportable with ease. www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXtxSIVtCsw
How would SportsDryer™ Transportable benefit my sports team?
– Helps prevent the risk of deathly MRSA and others; Addresses the issue of infectious diseases
– Helps eliminate the spread of bacteria and fungus amongst teammates; Stay Healthy
– Helps remove foul odors without the use of harmful chemicals; No locker room smell!
– Extend the life of your sports gear; Keep gear lasting longer
– Dry without damage; Dry all fabrics without damaging material (natural and synthetic)
– Transportable – dry your athletic gear anytime and anywhere
Keep your sports gear dry after a training session or a game. Williams Direct Dryers offers the opportunity to keep your sports equipment dry and bacteria free until the next game or practice.
Please note: Must use SportsDryer™ on a continued basis to maintain benefits.
SportsDryer™ is the new name of the game for athletes all alike. Keep Dry. Keep Healthy.
Written by: Shay Flores

Eliminate Harmful Microbe Loads by 99.95% With Food Safety Series Dryers

Williams Direct Dryers has the solution to help serve the food safety needs of the food production and food processing industry!


Today’s food companies are seeking out new methods of microbial control and eradication. Williams Direct Dryers is an added food safety measure; is chemical-free, significantly reducing exposure to high-risk disease causing bacteria. At Williams Direct Dryers, we’ve recently developed and designed dryers specifically for the Food Processing and Production Industry: Food Safety Series Dryers


Our Food Safety Solution

One of the major concerns when handling poultry or meat is cross-contamination. In the fight to help eliminate the transference of dangerous bacteria from out plant to in plant locations workers’ boots are an often overlooked vector. Footwear can be a source of infectious bacteria therefor we believe there is an urgency to utilize our dryers at all food manufacturing and processing facilities. Based on an independent study at the Akron Children’s Hospital: with continuous usage of Williams Direct Dryers – our dryers reduce microbe loads by 99.95% in the apparel.


Williams Direct Dryers Food Safety Series features & benefits: 

– Help eliminate in-plant and out-plant cross-contamination from workers’ boots when used in conduction with the Hygiene Gate concept

– Safely disinfect the outside of workers’ boots; as per safety standard protocol while on the dryer

– Direct Drying Technology™ reduces microbe loads by 99.95% (based on continuous usage between wearing)

– Made with 304 stainless

– Wash down friendly; allows for interior/exterior self-draining


About Williams Direct Dryers

For over 25 years, Williams Direct Dryers have been inventing and building drying systems for global industries across multiple platforms. From ski chalets, mining, off-shore oil rigs, military bases, fire services and more. Our dryers specialize in safely drying all types of boots, gloves and PPE gear. We are the most trusted brand for drying systems around the world. We provide only the highest quality, in workmanship and materials.

Please visit our Food Safety Dryer Series:  http://www.bootdryer.com/collections/food-processing-and-production

Read more: A report on Hygiene Sluice & Gates in use with Williams Direct Dryers http://bit.ly/1u5aE7N