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SportsDryer™ Transportable: Summer A Essential for Sports

 Summer is now here. The beautiful sunshine calls for an active outdoor lifestyle. Be it running, baseball, basketball, or soccer –  the activities are endless. Whatever sport you choose to play in the sun, our dryers can help you achieve comfort,  gain odor-free status and ultimately keep you healthy.
Williams Direct Dryers developed a drying system for teams, for people on the go. The fully transportable dryer is lightweight weighing only 29lbs. The SportsDryer™ Transportable is *easy to assemble – just under a minute. It comes with a durable nylon bag, so you can carry it with ease to the next sporting venue.

The SportsDryer™ will dry 8 pairs of just about anything; cleats, gloves, shin pads, jerseys, hiking boots, you name it. Continually drying between use keeps items odour free, bacteria and fungal free and prolongs the life of your gear.

*Watch our Youtube video:  Ian Groskleg (Surrey Eagles Hockey Team) easily dismantles SportsDryer™ transportable with ease. www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXtxSIVtCsw
How would SportsDryer™ Transportable benefit my sports team?
– Helps prevent the risk of deathly MRSA and others; Addresses the issue of infectious diseases
– Helps eliminate the spread of bacteria and fungus amongst teammates; Stay Healthy
– Helps remove foul odors without the use of harmful chemicals; No locker room smell!
– Extend the life of your sports gear; Keep gear lasting longer
– Dry without damage; Dry all fabrics without damaging material (natural and synthetic)
– Transportable – dry your athletic gear anytime and anywhere
Keep your sports gear dry after a training session or a game. Williams Direct Dryers offers the opportunity to keep your sports equipment dry and bacteria free until the next game or practice.
Please note: Must use SportsDryer™ on a continued basis to maintain benefits.
SportsDryer™ is the new name of the game for athletes all alike. Keep Dry. Keep Healthy.
Written by: Shay Flores